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  1. Finally finished it today after forcing myself through the game. Pretty much the worst Obsidian game I've ever played. Has some interesting things (I really liked Tunon, but there's not enough of him, Sirin was pretty good too), but that's it. Everything else is sleep inducing and the combat was downright terrible with no depth whatsoever. I loved PoE though, so here's to hoping PoE2 doesn't go down the drain now that the writer left.
  2. You're right, you can always see what everybody is doing, but you could also see that in Pillars of Eternity. Well as long as you sport a pair of eyes that is - altho being colorblind could cause an issue I suppose. You want to tell me you see that this pictures below are clear? Not for me, and I'm not colorblind and have both eyes, the enemies often are standing on top of one another or your partymembers, that's bad: What an absolute load of bollocks. You're gonna tell me you can see what the **** is going on here? I'm not even gonna bother replying to you about the gameplay aspect. You obviously haven't spent too long on PoE to know what the hell you're talking about. Either that or you're just straight up delusional.
  3. There's certainly improvements made to models and dynamic elements in the 2D backgrounds.
  4. Eh, so far every choice is to kill someone or not. Honestly I'm having a hard time playing through Act II. The combat is pretty bad, but Act I had me engaged because you were playing this sort of Judge Dredd character laying down Tunon and Kyros's will, which was cool. But then comes Act II and you're suddenly turned into a bitch boy running errands for one faction. Finding it real hard to struggle through this, but I guess I must persevere with hope that better things are coming. PS: I completely forgot. There are some "points of interest" in some areas where there's a guard harassing an NPC (usually a trader or a prisoner) and you can intervene. If you tell them you can be the judge of the situation, they'll agree to abide by your decision and you can ask each of them for their version of the story, then you decide on what happens. Those segments are really cool. Also there's fun ways of killing people, like throwing them off a tower, or beating someone up for acting like a smug ****y **** and disrespecting you.
  5. I actually can't tell if that post is satire or not. Especially the points about combat, writing, and "sawyerisms" (whatever that even means)
  6. I don't get why they decided to scale back the combat so much from PoE. I can deal with no friendly fire somewhat, but the removal of flanking is just dumb. Positioning is literally irrelevant now and combat is just spamming cooldowns. Are they planning on releasing this on consoles or something? Why would they do this
  7. I'm playing on hard and have only died once so far. It's only difficult when you're still learning the UI. The companion AI is also ****ing stupid. I don't know why they move all the time when they're engaged, but whatever.
  8. Enjoying my way through Act I atm. UI is worse than pillars, and so is the gameplay, but at least I'm enjoying laying down the law on plebeians so far, even if the choices seem a bit high-school tier. Voices of Nerat is sick btw. And whoever did the map art, congrats. That is beautiful. Companions so far don't impress at all compared to PoE. Anyway, let's hope this gets better.
  9. There was a question about a more "epic" story or whatever. What the hell does that even mean? If by "epic" they mean "grandiose", "grand-scale", then yeah, I'd want a more "epic" story (when compared to PoE). But if by "epic" they mean "generic power fantasy where you save the world from an ancient evil and everyone else is a dumbass who sits around all day" then no, I don't want a more "epic" game.
  10. No. You'll have to avoid hovering your cursor over it. No one cares about world building without wikipedia articles these days it seems.
  11. Seems like you can only be a ****, not evil. At least you can slap that bitch in the face, that's nice I guess. Hope I can do a slap-through of the game.
  12. As Chris Avellone could tell you, one doesn't need to be a full-time employee of a studio to write for them. Have you noticed that Eder seems to be a character in Pillars of Eternity 2? That might mean something... As it also happens, Eric was the lead narrative designer of Pillars of Eternity, having been responsible for the plot and Thaos himself, as well as (if I remember correctly) playing an important role in the design of Raedric's Hold quest (not too sure on this one although I have a vague idea of reading this somewhere). You just don't lose the main writer in a videogame and go "welp, who gives a ****, we'll just handle it to someone else and hope nobody notices" (see Mass Effect series if you want an example of why you shouldn't do it). Consistency is important. Yes, he can write Edér, but what about the story? What about Durance (which he wrote a bit of in PoE)? What about Zahua? Congrats to Eric nonetheless. Raising a family is, after all, more important than writing videogames. Best wishes to him and his family! P.S: I just realized that it kinda sounds as if I'm condoning Eric for having a child. Just as a note - that's not my intent at all, lol.
  13. I just had a nightmare tonight where someone pointed me to Eric's profile on Obsidian forums and he was no longer tagged as "developer." That's how hard I'm ****ting my pants (in denial) over here.
  14. You're making an assumption here. This very thread is based on assumptions. Unless you enlighten everyone.
  15. So there's pretty much no one left at Obsidian to do decent writing other than Carrie Patel? I thought White March 2's plot was very well done. Shame to see Eric go honestly. I suddenly feel like I don't really care about PoE2.
  16. Pretty sure there is a music slider. There's one in PoE.
  17. 2 mins left to go lads. Stream incoming https://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive
  18. Every game is unique. Sure is. Also the hell is up with the soundtrack? is there really only one track for combat? I'm tired of it and I haven't even played Tyranny yet. Seriously hope it's not another Pillars where I'm gonna spend 80 hours hearing the same track on a loop every time I engage in combat.
  19. Heh. Looks pretty okay. Pretty cringeworthy to hear everyone wanking themselves to how "unique" it all is. I guess lying is part of marketing though. Will check it out once they've addressed the 50 crashes and 3000 spell bugs.
  20. Just completed the game a 2nd time and I found two bugs (not mechanics related): 1. Companions voice acting starts playing halfway into a sentence, instead of at the start. Don't know how to trigger this, it doesn't seem to happen all the time. 2. One of the ending slides didn't have any voice acting and after 5 seconds of being on screen, the game skipped to the next one - This happened on the Caed Nua slide (in my case, "The fortress of Caed Nua emerged as a bastion of security in the midst of an untamed land...").
  21. I don't think by "silly" he meant "funny/lolsorandumb" characters. I think he meant "more light-hearted" characters, such as Minsc. Every character in PoE was terribly serious. But then again, we did get Zahua, who spouts "DUDE WEED LMAO" everytime he opens his mouth, so maybe that's just my wishful thinking. His quest was still cool as **** though, so it's ok.
  22. Have they said anything about in-party politics? Maybe companion alignments? Companions who hate each other? I think it should be introduced with the inevitable increase in number of available companions.
  23. Funny, that 2010 Bioware have them beat in this regard. In DAO you could try and fight your way through a party that was obviously designed to be, if not unbeatable, certainly overpowering. Defeating the encounter meant missing the jailbreak sequence. Beyond that, the consequences for your choice there weren't that far-reaching, but at least the game allowed for it, mechanically and narratively. Fast forward a few years, you have Biower producing a turd of an ending in three different flavors, and an Obsidz that wants to protect its players from "bad choices". DAO isn't spectacularly profound in its C&C, but when it does it better than your game, well, maybe some reflection is warranted. Don't do drugs bad choices, kids. (brb just signing up for a KKKodex account real quick) This reinforces my point. DAIII sold way better than DAO. It's the players that are pushing this crap. I remember seeing some graph some years ago of the evolution of sales in the Dragon Age series and DA:O was still leading by some significant units. I just checked vgchartz (lol) and Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition have the same number of units sold (despite DA:I being available in FIVE different platforms), but since it doesn't count digital sales, it's kinda hard to know for sure. But I'd bet that the PC version of DA:O outsold the PC version of DA:I by quite a margin. PS: Also, it's worth noting that DA:O and DA:I are completely different games designed for completely different systems. DA:O was an accessible cRPG that got ported to consoles. DA:I is a singleplayer MMO that got ported to PC. When you design your game for an audience 5 times bigger, it'd be very odd if you didn't increase your sale numbers.
  24. To be fair, I can also imagine the conversation going along these lines: "Okay, let's insert the option for the player to fight this super-powerful character, at that point, he can't kill him anyway." "So what if he does?" "Eh... We'll have to make the game react to it properly, but only like 1% of the player base will see that." "All right. Let's drop the option." Which then arrives to a PR person, who says "All right, that's a great idea! We just need to spin it so that it doesn't seem like we're taking away choice because it's not worth implementing." And voila, "We like our players and don't want to frustrate them!" was born. Entirely possible, although I don't think that's how it went, judging by the way it was said. But dropping content because only 1% of the player base would see it isn't exactly a positive either lol. I think I remember Matt talking about the value of optional content and paths in the panel though, so I don't think that's what they'd do. Some of the coolest stuff ever is when you complete an RPG then go online and talk about it and hear people mention stuff you didn't know was even possible, and entirely different paths you could take. Alpha Protocol and Deus Ex are clear examples in my mind of this. However this all depends on budget and time, of course, and the game hasn't even come out (in fact there's not even a release date, with 3 months left of 2016), so it's just pure speculation at this point.
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