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  1. Rogues have the best single target dps as it is. Giving them even more in that department is retarded. Not as much as laying traps in combat tho.
  2. I find it strange how obsidian managed to make all classes feel inferior to BG counterparts exept druid. Anyone knows what Josh favorite class is?
  3. Difficult battles lasts long enough. So they wreck when you need them the most. And i loved Chanters when i soloed 2 bears at level 2 with crap equipment, so im bias.
  4. Summons wreck asses. My PC Chant atm: 18 3 16 3 19 19 Great tanking, great dmg, great singing and shouting and all dialog options except perception(who needs it anyway). Enjoying the **** out of her. Ciphers are fun, but i fell like they way too good. I dont use my party all that much when i play them(on hard that is), and who likes that.
  5. If we talk about hard and higher then i dont think any stat should be at 3. Like con for example. Abysmal fort will make some fights considerably harder without save scumming. %hp is often difference betwen dead or alive glass cannon in one shot and there are ways to save them if they survive that initial damage. I generally avoid dropping stats to lower than 8. 3 is higher risk, without that much benefit.
  6. You can Queue orders if you hold Shift. No AI that they could afford would be usfull enough for playing on hard ironman and higher. So i really cant care less.
  7. Every class has ways to disengege safely. But if you REALLY cant handle it, there is mod on nexus wich allows you to turn it off.
  8. Keep in mind that eyestrike is working differently than it states in the description. Blind on target is still good, but aoe blind is very short.
  9. Enchanted clothing, any good ranged weapon(guns ftw). +1 spell talents(20% more spells is too good to pass). Bear form if melee. This is how i do it.
  10. What i dont like is how unflexible current builds are. I feel like game is pushing me towars strict tank/glass cannon builds with really bad characters inbetween, on Hard that is. Nor BG, nor nwn2 had this problem. And i dont see HOW can you roleplay on hard with ironman.
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