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  1. Hey there, I finally managed to beat POE1 which was a blast. Started very early in 2015, coming back after like 4 years I encountered serious lags while managing the inventory and the game not responding while in a loading screen, leading to annoyingly tong loading times running on an SSD. Anyway, started POE2 recently and was really into it. The fights seem faster, different from POE1, but I think I get used to it. At first everything ran smoothly until the day before yesterday, when the game didn't start. Screen remained black and kicked me back to the desktop. Managed to get the game running, played a bit until I reached a certain fort. Ran around (e.g. sneaked), exploring everything, killing a potential sidekick (whoops) and rang a bell. Which was tied to a quest. But nothing happened. That's when it got irritating, because the "not responding" thing in the loading screens came back. With a stuttering every like 5 seconds where the whole game just stopped for a brief moment. Even in locations I already explored (inside the fort). So since tech support seems pretty much dead and the only solutions are towards Nvidia graphic cards (AMD here), I have three options: 1. trying to solve the issues (which I'm kinda sick of. Did some research and couldn't find a solution yet) 2. live with them (on the long run not possible) 3. quit (which would be a shame) It's not only because of the technical issues but the bug in the main quest, which, while not game breaking, is very annoying. I didn't even bother to start it up yestrerday because I wasn't in the mood dealing with loading screens, starting up the game, stuttering and more potential bugs. At this moment I'm unsure if it is worth it or not. Are there more bugs like this? I've read a post from months ago adressing this issue (bell), but it doesn't seem to be fixed. So I fear there is. This was kind of a rant, sorry. but I'm quite sad my experience was so abruptly interrupted. Thanks for reading. Maybe you got some words of encouragement or even solutions.
  2. Ach so, na dann ist das natürlich völlig ok. Ich werde hier im Internet keine Diskussion anfangen... Wollte mich nur bedanken. In diesem Sinne: weiter so, Leute!
  3. Obsidian sollte euch wirklich bezahlen. Die haben es ja nicht mal geschafft die Waffenbezeichnungen zu fixen, oder? Wie auch immer, vielen, vielen Dank für eure Mühe!
  4. Of course you sacrifice damage and it's absolutely not the "best" way to play. But having fun is most important, right? cctobias: The only problem I see with your setup is that you have no AOE interrupts (like from barbarian or wizard), wihch COULD be difficult later, when you are swarmed. Maybe you can then disable 1 or 2 foes fairly decent, but the others will most likely bash your pets. Once they're dead, it get's bad. Your defense line is gone and you have a huge penalty on your rangers. Again, this is only theory and I am far from beeing an expert and could be completely wrong.
  5. Having this many choices regarding playstyle and class variety doesn't make it easy to choose, eh? Never thought almost every class could be an interruptor or at least give siginifcant support towards the idea. I think that's great. Atm, I have the most difficulty figuring out a good balance between the actual interruptors and support (buff/debuff). I'm pretty sure I'd go Barbarian, Wizard and Chanter. So do I need more debuffing (Druid)? Maybe a dedicated tank (Fighter)? More of the 3 classes above? I don't really have the time to test all this, so I'm gonna rely on theorycrafting... And hope that it'll work out!
  6. So 15 dmg - 20 DR = miss? Because I thought a miss has something to do with reflexes and accuracy. But yes, a miss can't interrupt, that's quite obvious ^^ So it is only considered a hit if damage is done? All else would be a miss? And therefore no interrupt?
  7. Since Interrupting Blows is going to be fixed soon... Does an interrupt occur even when there is no damage done? E.g. the target has 20 DR and I'm rolling for 15 damage, resulting in 0. Does that Count as a succesful attack? Or is it a miss? I know, I'm not very familiar with the things going on in the combat log...
  8. Yeah, I'm guessing that too. But it could be reasonable that maybe one of the following stack: Come, Come Soft Winds of Death The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed For they are damaging, not debuffing, or buffing. Same with Ancient Memory. It's a heal, not a buff, right? Since NOTHING seems to really improve chants (except INT for range), this would be a good thing, I think.
  9. Just head back to Hadret House. A Messenger will approach you and hand you the pistol.
  10. Careful, it's not only the trees in Elmshore! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78469-character-stuck-inside-adra-pillar/
  11. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78469-character-stuck-inside-adra-pillar/ Getting stuck in adra pillars in Elmshore (and, as it seems, in various other locations. But it looks like there's no way to free yourseld in Elmshore, unlike elsewhere)
  12. I'm stuck in a pillar a little to the left. I really try to enjoy the game, but I played about 2 hours and ran into another 2 game breaking bugs. This and the "already activated" bug for abilities. You could download the IE mod and then use console command. AFAIK that doesn't deactivate achievements. Edit: btw: this bug seems to be reproducable since I ended up with almost my whole party getting stuck in that pillar, as I tried to free Kana.
  13. Thanks redattack34! Would be awesome to see the information on the unique weapons page, too
  14. It's bugged? Great, another playthrough cancelled because of bugs. Getting really annoyed again...
  15. Thanks a lot Kaigen! So regardless of its viability, I'm going to try a playthrough soon (as said, when interrupting blows is fixed, so it could actually take a while...). As far as I gathered, the "best" classes for an interrupt setup would be: Barbarian (obvious), wizard (Blast), druid and chanter (for debuffing). Correct me if I'm wrong or missed something! What else is there to consider? Any special (and not so obvious) abilities/talents? And most importantly: What about the race? Does the fire godlikes racial ability trigger interrupt? Or is there any other racial ability that would benefit interrupt?
  16. So basically either search the whole thread to gather the information or have somebody do it and make a new one. Now that really IS dumb.
  17. I haven't even finished the game but started a 6 dwarfs with firearms party. Different classes, though. 6 rangers could possibly be fun, too. In addition I'm planning on going 3-4 chanters at least. Not sure about the rest, though. And yea, the Interrupt run is coming when interrupting blows is fixed. I think there are many many ways to go.
  18. Is the main post going to be updated? Maybe even with stats/links to the wiki (if there is Information)? Would appreciate that.
  19. The other two would be the Vile Loner's Lance and the Shatterstar? Would be awesome if you could report back if you have any information on that.
  20. Still a thing: Inventory vanishing: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72673-bug-party-members-inventory-gone-after-switching-them/ Also rogue's escape talent is bugged as is wall of force spell. Don't know if that belongs here though
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