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  1. I do the same mostly, and agree with most of that, though I don't think there's an obsession abut voice acting... just a preference over reading. If anything, I don't understand why reading is hated so much.
  2. It works, I've tried it after reading about it on these boards. I was splitting them up to all party member quick slots before. Imagine, six ales, six stews, twelve quick slots. Now I know better
  3. No you go to the second level and use the bed in the big room next to the stairway. Can't miss it. Just to add as well, there's more use to the second floor than resting, such as talking with companions that aren't in your party. Had completely forgotten about one companion and got caught up in their story and started their quest by a friendly chat in the room they we're standing in.
  4. I want to continue on this line - I hate that feature in other games. Not because it's not a good feature, but because it really means "We can't render what long hair looks like under a helmet, so here is your option" But barring someone finally being able to render and mesh long hair that works under any headpiece, yes - I'd like this feature. The women-folk and their long hair under, say, the pirate hat make them look bald Back OT: Yes, helmets do nothing. Not even protect you in any meaningful way, so unless they have a bonus on them, they are useless. Why we can't enchant h
  5. You have to get her earlier when you're a lower level if you want to chose the stuff she gets. In any case, seems she will always start at level four, but I think that means if you do get her that early that you can select a different aura... though that's a pretty darn good one IMO.
  6. Hoods too? I've yet yo find one, and I really really want a magic hood for my rogue.
  7. At least we can spend a few minutes splitting up a stack of six ales and six pies into twelve quick item slots. Tedious? Hah! That there is true fun.
  8. Videos existed in 2005... People still write in 2015. TBH, numbers and text can demonstrate results in much more satisfying ways than moving pictures that show the results of a play through that's dependent on a RNG. Though not to be a complete douche, I admit your build looks great and it was exactly what I was looking for to try out. Thanks for sharing
  9. Holy cow! 33% reduction Arbalest was my favorite opening weapon. I suppose it was kind of overpowered with its free shot... but darn, that's a big reduction. I wonder how it compares to crossbows now?
  10. Yes, however I'm not sure if you can keep the ring on a companion not in the party. If you look at the log when you unequip the ring, it clearly shows that the bonus is deactivated. In any case it's only 5 coppers, I ask myself why I even bother managing it sometimes. As to the OP, turns seems to me to come up on journal updates that are accompanied by XP gain. You'll probably find a more precise and less anecdotal answer somewhere else though...
  11. Honestly I think it was designed to be made in parts and not in one go, at least that's how I've approached it in my playthroughs. The first two levels early on, the next few a bit later, then a bit deeper, and so on. You might also want to consider using up your loot to enchant your weapons for elemental damage and such, it really makes a difference.
  12. Now while melee battles can go one way or another, I can confidently say that initially just about all my fights that involve regular monsters, as in those you don't have to talk to goes something like this... 1- Locate monsters with scout 2- Line up party members just outside monster eye sight, yet still within your sight and importantly in range of your weapons 3- Have every member switch to ranged weapon, like the arbalest until the patch comes out 4- Make sure all party members complete the reloading animation, which is pretty cool looking even after 5,285 times, and can easily be
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