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  1. I've been in Cliaban Rilag to investigate the death of Eder's brother (he died at the battle of Cliaban Rila), couldn't go further in this quest, found nothing outside but 2 looters near a campfire I killed then searched the ruins and found nothing. (I've been there before for another quest) I couldn't find the bounty either (wich is supposed to have a camp at Cliaban Rilag). When I come back to this area the bounty doesn't show. (third target of second list from the warden) Have you been able to do those two quests at the same time or is this a bug? Am I missing something?
  2. My hirelings are also currently unpaid and there are two i can't dismiss. If I dismiss all of them, I still have 2/8 listed.
  3. I've killed him and got this never ending insect swarm wich kills you after the fight and even after rest but you can save and reload, the debuff disappear.
  4. Number 4: Never ending stronghold fight, save before the fight and use autoresolve.
  5. I've experienced an infinite tutorial page turning sound loop. My chanter's pets won't disappear after a fight, i've a ghost always following me. He can die in a fight. There's an uncontrollable ghost (chanter pet) in my fortress inner court, when killed, he stays on the ground like a party member. There's another one near the keeper's house. I'm told there's a npc waiting for a job (soul hunter something) in my fortress but I only find another ghost chanter pet. I'm stuck with infinite bandits attacks in my fortress, I killed them several times, went inside the dungeon and outside, they're always in the court waiting to get killed over and over gain. When I reload from a save BEFORE I chose to fight them, they're still in the court. ??? I can't complete Lord of the Barren quest, I killed raedric but the quest isn't completed, I'm told to kill raedric, some npc in gilded vale aknowledge i killed him. I reloaded from a previous save BEFORE the fight with raedric, the throne room is empty. ???
  6. I can't complete this quest, I've killed raedric and nothing happened. some npcs in gilded vale says in killed raedric. I saved in the throne room before the fight but when i load this save the throne room is empty now. ???
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