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  1. Yeah I'm a voice-acting fan and would enjoy a pack like this, though I very highly doubt it would ever even be considered. If it wasn't so costly, I'd love for big CRPGs like Pillars to be 100% voice-acted.
  2. Totally agree. There are some pretty odd decisions like this with the Stronghold. Hopefully the devs keep tinkering with it post-release. The great patch that came out today would seem to bode well for such things.
  3. Yeah, I'm truly loving it. While I really do enjoy a lot of the big modern AAA RPGs like Mass Effect and the later Dragon Ages, there's so much depth and greatness in games like Pillars. The Bioware games have characters and interesting social explorations going for them, but a game like Skyrim - while it did indeed give me loads of hours of enjoyment - really ultimately disappointed me in just how shallow it is. Pillars is like the perfect antidote to that. I've never actually played Baldur's Gate (I've played and adored Planescape: Torment, really enjoyed the first 2 Fallouts, and probab
  4. I read a review on Pillars of Eternity which locked into this camping issue as well, framing it as a strange interplay between Obsidian's tendency to eliminate tedious features and make games altogether make more sense (stuff like the New Vegas companion wheel, or the Pillars of Eternity shared inventory and the stash), and their habit of also leaving some tedious busywork - like, in my view, the camping limit stuff outlined in this thread - in. There's a "Stash" option which means you have no inventory limit and never have to worry about weight limits. This is good, because weight limits
  5. Yeah I don't really think it's an issue when the XP from killing things is its own little mechanic, Bestiary XP, and doesn't affect proper XP for leveling up and whatnot that we get from quests. Unless you're primarily concerned with Bestiary XP?
  6. More note editing in general would be handy. I love the inclusion of a player note journal like that (I use it as a sort of in-character way of defining adventurer companions, so I don't forget the stories I've made up for them), but some features like editing and deletion would be lovely.
  7. They've said they intended to include the launch party and some things so the documentary encompasses the full journey of the game from start to launch, so I guess they need to edit that in, and then just finalise it. I don't imagine it will be that long. The novella on the other hand I have no idea for, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  8. Sounds great! Again, your work really is fantastic. I like the little homages to the Morrowind score and the Lord of the Rings score (a touch of the Shire theme in the Stronhold theme) peppered throughout the score, but there really is a distinct unique vibe to the overall music as well.
  9. Really missing the tracklist! The music is great but it's kind of messy just to have untagged files. I tried doing some manual tagging of the artwook and titles based on the file names (see the image I attached) but I have no clue for the tracklist. It would really be fantastic Justin, if you could write up a tracklist for us sometime Also, is the lovely track that plays when you're at the Stronghold in the soundtrack?
  10. Cheers for the contest, happily entered. Nice to see someone being so generous!
  11. Haven't actually listened to theme yet because I want to preserve my first hearing for when I first play the game, but I loved the Dryford music so I'm very hopeful about it. Also glad to hear it's not overly bombastic. Just wanted to register my great interest in you writing an article about all the tracks on the soundtrack after the game comes out Justin, that would be a super enjoyable insight into your work. I absolutely loved your long blog post on the music development you made a while ago, you have an enjoyable writing style that really delves into the thought behind your work, and
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