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  1. you are correct points of power is not the same as power level. 3 power levels equal about 6 levels
  2. In the current system empower gives 3 points of power. When you level up you get +3 points to your levelled class and +1 point for your other class.
  3. Oh, even worse than before! Nah, it just means that everyone will have more spells within each single fight, and that in turn will improve encounter design
  4. The appeal of exploration is finding the unexpected. In a shooter you have the legendary vent. In Fantasy-RPG it is the cave behind a waterfall. In isometric games you can have the hidden lever, a teteleporter you accidentally assemble and the obvious,locked door whose key can be found if you are attentive and sharp-witted. These are map-within-map approaches. BG1 gave the player many side-by-side-maps with infrequent content. I do not prefer the latter for two reasons: First creating maps is a very costly part of development. You'd be advised to pack them full. Secondly when you walk out o
  5. That thing with "Craft your own stuff! Have full control over everything" is a newcomb's paradox: The more omnipotence a system claims to offer, the more predictable choices are implemented. Alternatively you can make a game that does not care about balance and wants you to find the most abstruse ways to slay opponents. That's basically magicka. You think you want to modify your spells but in the end, it is just concentrated genericism. I think everything exciting about spellcrafting is to find something handcrafted in there and exactly not its modularity.
  6. On the power curve PoE 1 already ends etching at the end of midgame-tier. I did not play TWM yet but nothing beats Gaze of the Adragan in terms of power. With TWM part 2 we will very probably penetrate the "we either invent some really crazy stuff or reiterate what we already have but with bigger numbers"-barrier. That's why I would like to start at low levels again, with a different set of magic and different pacing.
  7. I think that, for PoE2, class design could be a bit more fundamentally changed. Like: Wizards and Priests have their spells reduced to maximum of 4 per rest. Spell duration and strength are increased. Every Grimoire in the game grants Wizards 1 or 2 predefined, unchangable per-encounter spells (depending on Grimoire level and the spells themselves). Similarly, Priests might get a choice of per-encounter spells upon certain level-ups depending on their faith. I do not have an idea for Druids. They could keep their system as is. What I hope these changes will do, is that micromanageme
  8. In D:OS you get items with randomly rolled stats depending on item level and item tier. I do not think that this kind of loot would be helpful to PoE. When you play the game for the first time, you do not know which items you will find either way. This game just lacks variety in the bonuses items grant you. It is all modular and does not really differ from what you could find if it was procedurally created. The true difference is that in D:OS you had many more different bonuses for each different kind of item you might get rolled, so you were really happy if you got what "perfectly suits y
  9. Dumping constitution works because of 2 reasons: 1. you get dps from it (because you get more might/dexterity and now perception) 2. you get away with it As long as dumping con works, dumping con+wearing no armor will be the way to go. dumpng con + wearing armor will become worse. What we need is a universal reason not to skip con, which is both a harsh health penalty and more AoE damage and group swarming. What happens with armor recovery penalty then is free to creativity. What if 1 point in constitution also gave 20% health multiplier? That way leaving con on 3 would result in a mea
  10. I have little expertise in how a game uses computer resources. On my Vista Skyrim runs "relatively" smooth. PoE works until you get to Gilded Vale, which cannot be loaded because I do not have more than 3 GB. It think it has something to do with the different camera movement. In Skyrim textures can be loaded dynamically in different qualities whereas in PoE your camera might jump over any distance any moment.
  11. After reading through my comment I recognized you might find the following lines offensive. Also, I exaggerate and aggravate because I cannot find the definite positive impact you promise with your suggestions. Please do not take offense. Remember that PoE is an isometric game where you can not actually walk up to someone and tip his shoulders. Your proposal to make Persons have daily routine requires lots of extra work. You need bigger or more maps where there is enough free space, so the species can freely rotate between those places. You need to rework the managment of the time dimens
  12. In PoE there is less comic relief and the setting is less magical. Both games have been about equally dark, it is just that BG mixed dark themes with humour. If I remember correctly, there was a quest the following way: you find a thug pissing his pants from a little child which you identify as ghost. she was murdered by that man. You get slapped by the dark side of the human soul, yet this situation could as well be animated slapstick. This recurring subliminal parody creates distance between you and the world. A magical circus where everyone is masked and gets torn apart by shadows? F
  13. Other games were designed to be extended into multiplayer... multiplayer at barely 40% of the game's soul. Now considering how PoE has shaped and the unsuspiciously benevolent wording of the OP, I consider this a rival's try pouring poison into our single player experience.
  14. Unfortunately "more VA" might be misunderstood. The irony is, at fixed development budget, more VA means less dialogue. That is one reason most of us actually supported the game - lack of voice actíng. So to be clear, if I say I want more voice acting, I mean more voice acting at strategic, meaningful points of dialogue and that this dialogue has been designed to benefit from voice acting (which in most cases is not just reading out loud). Thinking about it, what we might want is more use of ambient sounds: wind blowing through trees, creaking doors,screaming/weeping coming out of a
  15. That gods have been created does not pose a real difference in itself. they are unimaginably powerful without a doubt. It is when people realize that 'a god' is a machine and you can bend this machine over your knees and open it up with a screwdriver. This puts the pantheon way below humans. Down to a point where every Earl of five trees thinks he can reign superior over the world. Now imagine a mob clubbing each other over a gun with infinite ammo.
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