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  1. Anyone still working in ie mod? There's a really nice guy on https://github.com/GregRos/IEMod.pw/issues/72, that needs some help in making ie mod work with 3.01. Could anyone help him please?
  2. Thanks! Is it a good weapon for a wizard? Also, are there more "hidden" new spells, aside from the frost fireball that I should look for?
  3. I picked up a new level 4 spell, a frost fireball, that you can't get from natural lvl up spell selection. Are there more spells like that in the game now? Also, do we get any soulbound wizard implement? Where can I get the soulbound staff? So far I've only found the priest weapon and the estoc
  4. Hey! I'm at the Flames-That-Whisper Upper Cavern, didn't kill any ogre, and became friends with them, but the problem is that I can't find Morug... He is simply not in the Upper cavern, and if I go to the lower one all the ogres there are hostile to me. Can someone help me please?
  5. Windows 7 here and I have the same problem Also where can I find the 2.0 patch notes?
  6. Does anyone know when IE Mod will be released for 2.0?
  7. Please stop making strawman arguments. I've never said anything like that. Not wanting autowin buttons is not the same as making the game bland. Also, Obsidian doesn't seem to agree with you, seeing how they've been balancing the game since it came out. Of course they have been "balancing" since people like you have been shouting so loud. Also, funny how you hate "I win" buttons but you have never missed a gaze, meaning that you are using the one "I win" button to win instead of countless other spells and abilities at your disposal. My bet is that you are a troll that either hates wizard and wants them nerfed just because, or you are here just for arguments sake.
  8. I wasn't complaining. I was just stating that it doesnt make sense people shouting for balance for spells in a single player game where they can choose to have those spells or not. If this were a mmorpg or a game with pvp that balance would make sense, since it isnt it makes no sense whatsoever. Basically you want the game bland, where all classes are exactly the same? Take the bg series, spellcasters were puny compared to warriors at early levels, and at much much later levels spellcasters were powerhouses and warriors although not with such a high potential were very solid. The fun of the game was knowing the different strengths of classes at different stages and feeling unique with your class.
  9. When a fight ends we loose the buffs we casted on ourselves, no matter how much time they have left, why is that? Considering the spells per day being very limited the buffs should go off only when their time expired.
  10. This is not a mmorpg. You know you can choose not to have that spell, right?
  11. Solved. Deleted the empty folder EmptySteamDepot in the Pillars of Eternity Folder.
  12. After the patch 1.05 update I can't play Pillars of Eternity. I have it on steam, so after I press "play" the game starts as well as the intro music, I see the logo and then the screen remains black and stops responding. How can I solve this?
  13. Hello Community! Is there already any item list for Pillars of Eternity?
  14. What doesn't make much sense is that while druids and priests can use ALL the spells for that spell level 4-5 times per encounter, the wizard is stuck to 4 spells he can use 4-5 times per encounter. I always thought wizards were the masters of spellcasting.
  15. The problem with wizard in pillars of eternity is the lack of spell slots... We can only have 4 active spells for each level? that's very low.
  16. What does IE Mod let you do regarding character modification?
  17. That makes sense Quantics. I just want a savegame editor like shadow/EEkeeper
  18. Doesnt that disable achievements? What we really need is a savegame editor where you can completely edit your characters.
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