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  1. Bump. I get this too. Noticed at the start when Cassia says "....... gone hunting"; which should be " What a surprise, Smurfles gone hunting."
  2. Bump. I get this too. Noticed at the start when Cassia says "....... gone hunting" which should be " What a surprise, Smurfles gone hunting."
  3. Hi there. I notice something irritating when I have my full party selected and I loot a container or interact with an object. Upon doing so if I have the whole party selected then they become deselected and I am left in control with only the character that looted or interacted with the item. I then have to reselect the party with backspace. Expected behavior: Whole party remains selected after looting or interacting with item. POE Steam 1.03 Windows 8.1 Gforce 765m Intel 4700mq
  4. Agree. Simple, more combat twitch / bounce and shields and weapons up and ready, not down and prone, when combat idle. Common sense.
  5. Well put Zwiebelchen. We are not asking for much in terms of combat animation, just some simple tweaks to give it a more visceral feel. So we feel like "*ouch* that hurt, when our characters are hit" and "ooohh that's gotta hurt", when the enemy takes damage. And that in between attacks its not like watching a stop motion video during the "stopped" phase. Its not about this: "I think I said it before in another thread but considering the amount of weapon types, fighting styles and body sizes making up unique attack/block/doge animations for each variation is a huge amount of work." As mentioned before, is about simple tweaking to make combat look more fluid and realistic. Not (dice roll) *attack* *pause* (dice roll) *attack* *pause* (dice roll) etc...
  6. "No disengagement attack where the attacker just stands like a statue and the attacked gets damage." This is pretty much one of the main issues. I was not sure how to word it but Jarmo has put it nicely. When someone gets hit, they stand there and don't react. And because there seems to be long pauses between attacks, (I'm assuming that the dice rolls?) the enemy or PC stands still doing nothing in combat for a long time. There is no visible recoil or evasion, and when they attack we get a selection of two whole different animations, that don't seem to flow or connect with any impact.
  7. You mean, you want to: - smell the sweat and blood - see guts spilling out - hear death cries And so on. If you want to feel like you're actually in combat, go join a historical fighting club. Warning: lots of bruises upcoming, it gives you that realness you crave. I never joined such a club, but a friend of mine did, and in our weekly game sessions he was often complaining about the sores he received, sometimes inflicted on himself. He hated nunchaku training, I remember that. In a computer game, the most immersive combat experience is in first-person view. Especially with VR technology like Oculus Rift. An isometric third-person view is never going to give you proper thrills. That said, I would welcome upgrades to combat animations, like what they did with the monk's different attack patterns (do you know about those?), but it's fine. It'll do for a first offering, and probably get better in the later games. Sarcasm much? Planescape Torment made me feel like I was in combat, it was immersive and that game is ancient compared to this one. Starcraft 2 also made me feel that way. The combat had more "omph" and better collision detection. Falcon and Jamro understand exactly what I am talking about by their comments. There is no feeling that you are in combat at all. I'm not asking for first person immersion, nor real life historical fighting clubs (go figure), I'm asking for a little bit of a feeling like I am in combat. The video makes me think I am not going to get even a sniff of that in this game. Less immersion, in fact, than games much older in the same genre. Such as, Planescape Torment and even Baldurs Gate 1 & 2. In those games it felt like, or if you were watching, looked like, hits connected. Some parry, block, recoil, variety of attack, animation is not much to ask for. But no, we got 2 swing Zombies and Goblins that looks like Age of Empires one, but with updated graphics.
  8. The graphics themselves are fine, I like the oldschool look. I am playing Wasteland 2 now and think it is great, but combat animations are not so vital in turn based combat. I like the reloading animations in this game (POE) but I just feel that the attack animations fall short. Especially the Zombies. "Left arm back, swing arm forward." Repeat "Right arm side. swing arm sideways" Repeat. No variation. Also there is no impact to the hits. One thing I loved about Planescape was that your hits were visceral, and the critical hit screen shake was great. Here its like nothing really feels like it makes any contact with the enemy, or the enemy with the party. At least that could be looked into? Combat should feel like you are actually in combat, not just clicking buttons till a sprite goes down.
  9. But that's exactly what happens in this video as well, except with bad animations with about two frames and two varieties. Nothing really connects and there seems to be no real impact. DAO had better animations. nope, here animations play in sync with attack rolls Well it does not look like it. Sorry.
  10. This is what the combat animation reminds me of at the moment. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140110234128/runescape/images/2/2e/Turmoil.gif http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140110230455/runescape/images/f/f5/Sap_Ranger.gif
  11. But that's exactly what happens in this video as well, except with bad animations with about two frames and two varieties. Nothing really connects and there seems to be no real impact. DAO had better animations.
  12. Hello there. I just watched the hour long video of Pillars of Eternity game play on Twitch. The game looks exiting, but to be honest the combat animation, for a game of this day and age, kickstarter or not, looks really bad. The characters stand around being hit, but there is no real "oomph" to the connections. Also the animations them self no at about 2. Enemy swings, then swings again in the same way, with no flow between the start and end of the swing, sometimes the enemy will swing in one other way, but that's about it. This is the same for the party members. Very lackluster. The animations remind me of Age of Empires one. Thats how old and out of date they seem. Please do something about this before release, even if it means delaying the game. I am speaking as a player of CRPG's since the time of the Mega Drive and played both Baldurs Gates and Planescape.
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