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  1. It's not 'my mod' nor is it 'my team'. I'm a beta tester for the mod, nothing more nothing less.
  2. All the best to your team Stoney. Like Insidious I find it odd that you've essentially been able to do in weeks what TG took years to do (little bit of KotOR there) BUT I'm not suggesting anything untoward, it just seems strange. Anyway good luck with the bug-finding and fixing
  3. I can understand the frustration, but why would you want to kill game developers because old (and presumably cheap) games don't work? It's hardly right up there on the worlds greatest problems list.
  4. Do you reallllllly want me to quote every time you claimed that you were awesome and had a crack team of developers who would complete the mod?
  5. lol gee, THIS wasn't expected at all! As we all knew you're just full of hot air (to be polite). DSLuke - very much so. TSLRP is in a releasable condition, but there's a big difference between something being releasable, and something being in a condition so that it should be released. The project needs more polish before TG will release it, but it is getting there.
  6. I figured my presence might be required here... Okay lets get down to the nitty gritty. Did I leak the TG download method and codes: No, absolutely not, nor would I ever Did that conversation take place?: Sort of. For the most part, the 'log' that has been 'leaked' is accurate. As you'll all notice there are very unsubtle attempts at flirting within the chat, which made my suspicious of the person claiming to be April, particularly when they complimented me on a very old document I'd posted on Geocities containing my template for a Star Wars RTS follow-up to 'Galactic Battlegrounds' - in other words, this person had to do some research on me. Now the conversation seems to be accurate up until: That never happened. Instead I informed the person I was chatting to that I would not give them the codes, because I didn't believe it was actually April. They claimed they actually were blah blah blah to which I informed them that I still wouldn't give them the codes, and if they really were April, then to contact KB about it. Immediately following the conversation I went onto the TG forums into the Beta Tester forum (not publically accessible) and created a new thread informing TG of the scam. On June 12 2008 I posted a thread stating: Frankly I'm offended that people who should know better, Denny I'm looking at you, seem to think that a 'log' that was 'leaked' at RPG Codex somehow constitutes proof that I've done anything wrong. EDIT: I found the log I was looking for. Here we go: NOTE: I had to remove some smilies because the forum didn't like it. Aside from that, the log is unedited
  7. Actually I wasn't off at all, according to my clock here, it was just after midnight. Therefore, it counts :-p
  8. Hi boys and girls, just saw this on the Lucasarts website-
  9. You're dead wrong on...some of it. You'll see progress in under two weeks, scouts honour
  10. As the man says, two weeks. Everything going to plan, the beta team will be testing a new version very soon. (and no, that's not what 'two weeks' refers to)
  11. Well it says keeping people updated, it says nothing about regular updates. Regardless there's nothing to update anyone on, so you are all still up to date, so the teams promise is still being fulfilled.
  12. It's their decision to do what they want with their work. Sure the source is Obsidian, but it is TG who has put the time and effort into finding all of the lost material; making sense of it; and putting it all back together in a functional state. At the same time because all of the source material is readily available to those who want to find it, as TG did, there is NOTHING to stop another team from doing a project such as TSLRP.
  13. hmm...I quite like that nickname, as long as you don't do any of the touching... Moving right along to whom exactly have you offered your services to? Regardless though this is Dashus' project, if he wants to ignore your help then that's his decision.
  14. It's not being cryptic, it's about not wasting time and effort on making videos and updates that people can find out about either on mantis or the team gizka forums instead.
  15. Well honestly there's very little, if anything, that new video's or updates can show that people don't know about or can't find on the TG forums.
  16. Actually a lot has been happening, its just that public doesn't see most of it. A lot of new bugs have been reported, a few have been fixed, new timetables have been developed and Dash is back (at least for now).
  17. Are you using any mods? Also, can you use the 'esc' key at all to go to the main menu, or you can only alt-tab out?
  18. ...with a full-time professional development team who didn't actually finish the game.
  19. Curious, considering that the only comments made by Obsidian employees regarding TSLRP have all been positive... As for breaking TSL, I'm sure all of the beta testers and those who have played the leaked beta can attest to the fact that it doesn't break TSL at all. Once again, had you not spoken out of ignorance you would have known this.
  20. We should take your word because... You have a computer science degree, several years experience in the field, and you helped in the creation of The Sith Lords? I can throw stones like you as well. [sorry for the double post. Can't edit my top post for some reason.] The difference here Marcus is that I'm not criticising works that I couldn't possibly re-create, let alone fully understand. That however is what you're doing. You have no idea what TG has done or how they're doing it, yet you seem determined to attack TG's efforts. You've said before that you won't download TG, so I again ask why you are constantly attacking TG - why the TG hate? It's been said time and time again - this mod is being created by TG as a free, fan-based project. It is primarily for the enjoyment of TG, yet they will also allow others to share in the mod as well once it is completed. They want to have this completed before releasing to the public because that's what they want to do, and they've earned that right. So until you show even the smallest hint of being able to mod and actually understand just how vast an undertaking TSLRP is, I'm going to continue to view your ranting as the uninformed drivel that it is.
  21. Well since you're obviously such a modding expert Marcus, why don't YOU do it? Anyway a lot of the bugs that have occurred are actually partially caused by bug fixes for others. In some builds something can work perfectly fine, and in the next it's not working right. These things happen.
  22. you're not going to start this crap AGAIN are you? Seriously, just do it or stop whinging. Anyway as for TG's ambitions, the project is designed to fix the game which hasn't been successfully completed yet. Sure it might take a while but since we're never going to see a SP KotOR3, it's the best we have.
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