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  1. So you practically saying that romance haters will be upset that they don't have access to romance content. Don't complain about not having something you didn't want. And regarding content and multiple romances, BG2 had a huge amount of character content in romances and you could only have one. No one has complained, and everyone still praises BG2 for a great romances. Bad comparison. You can't compare the optional "bonus" content such as romance with something like opening locks. Anyway, I just wanted to show that arguing with the style "Only great things or nothing." goes no
  2. Wow ! I have to say I am really surprised how stupid the arguments of some people are. It seems to me that most critics do not understand anything... Let's take a look at three most popular arguments: 1) "I hate romances!" No one forces you to have one. In the vast majority of cases, romance is optional. Implementing romances will not hurt you. 2) "Romance should be done properly, or not at all!" Really? Okay, here's my counter-argument: Games should be done properly, or not at all!
  3. I think the title of this topic speaks for itself. The saying "lose your head" got new meaning.
  4. How hard can be add trigger "do not progres quest if is already finished" ? ALL quests should have this trigger.
  5. Same problem. I have finished both smaller Q for both families and then I made peace between families. Ezzalis is ok. She will give me a reward and thank me. But Atello is mess. Once I talk to him after the peace is closed, he begins to talk about his cousin locked in valut. This does not start any Q, because my "Family pride" was already solved, but after this talk is Ezzalis and her people hostile.
  6. I'm not sure if it makes me feel better or even more upset. Anyway, I'd still like set "Level scale up" in my game.
  7. I reached lvl 10 and I notice that the game is way too easy even on high difficulty. (No challenge, my characters are able to win 90% of the fights even without my assistance) I really regret that I did not activate Level Scaling at the beginning of the game. Is there any way to activate Level Scaling in my game? If possible without loss of achievements. (I really do not understand why this option is not available after the start of the game, it looks like a big design error) P.S. PoE had the option of increasing the difficulty if the area was destined for lower lvl than lvl of your characte
  8. Can someone please show me screenshoot with Cloak of Berath, Golden Ring (and Scavenger's Lantern) description? I have the GOG version and want to know if it is worth waiting for integration Scavenger Hunt.
  9. Any news about integration of scavenger hunt for GOG version? It will be really sad if we get the items at a time when they will be worthless for our high lvl characters.
  10. Just a heads up, not all of those are correct. For example Ydwin's portrait has been updated since the one in that page was added. Also Jesus, are most of those portraits NOT companions from Deadfire. There is strong reason to believe most of them wont even be in the game. Et tu Heodan? They are all companions but only few are party members. Most of them are just the crew of your ship.
  11. I was bored, so I made an improved version of the portrait for Pallegina.
  12. Due to the fact that this portrait looks almost like me, I made a slightly modified version that looks exactly as like me. (Vivid colors, bigger lips, bigger gray eyes, slightly altered beard, clean cheeks and clean slightly recolored clothes.) Although the changes are not major, I think that my version is superior, so If you want to use it, be my guest.
  13. I wonder if an obsidian will be officially accused of sexism. Forcing male features on almost all female portraits will not remain unnoticed by public.
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