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  1. Ondra maybe? She has giant fishhead body in Tekehu visions. Or Woedika as planning POE3 final boss.
  2. SSS is all about fights, so i used 3 chanters (from tavern or multiclass companions) to spam the Ancient Instruments of Death (lvl7 ability). Chanter-Paladin and druid for healing, bloodmage for damage.
  3. So, Xoti and her family death. Rekke with untold story about burning house and exile. Konstanten and his sister search. Yudwin between life and death and her ticket from dead body hand. And i hope Vela will be old enough to join Watchers path.
  4. a new "The Ultimate" achievement where you beat Ultimate POE1 then import save and beat solo POE2 with all god challenges enabled
  5. Bridge. Neriscyrlas and her joke about cow. Fort Deadlight. Aeldis interogation. Arkemyr Mansion. Reforge of Woedika Crown .
  6. Aloth is easiest way to max negative rep. He dislikes pride+irresponsibility comments in the beginning (Wild Mare, Tekehu meeting). Pallegina dislikes praise the god comments in the middle of game (Rimrgand dialogs in Beast of winter).
  7. I found only how to craft the Crown of Exiled Queen, so maybe main sequel antagonist will be Voedica
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