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  1. This seemed to be the right thread to ask... Does anyone know how to extract the audiofiles (voices) in kotor 1?
  2. I originally played K2 prior to K1 and deemed K2 to be the better. Lately however, I must say that K1 has become my favorite. And it does indeed come down to this elusive star wars feel. I guess the story simply is better; in my jugement at least.
  3. T3M4 vs R2D2 (eh... draw? dont care...) Boba Fett vs Candyman (Candyman all the way! C'mon the guy is sorta immortal.) Jabba vs Vogga (Jabba yep yep.) Traya vs Palpatine (Traya! She was every bit as manipulative as one could have wished palp would/should have been. Had it been her wish/goal she could have been the supreme_uber_cool_lord_of_wrinkle faces.... or something) Darth Maul vs Bao Dur (Darth Maul) Atton vs Han Solo (Atton. All that echinianianai-training + jedi tricks + sith training. Sure Han could take him.. sure.. blah. Atton wins hands down) Hanharr vs Chewie vs Zaalbar (See droid-answer) Princess Leia vs Queen Amidala (Leia! Because she has a in-your-face kinda cute willfull strong wibe going. And force sensitive.)
  4. In two different playthroughs the last door after Kreia was always locked. I had to kill her (DS) in order for her to disapear and continue. Highly annoying.
  5. Calling people a schutta will only make them stare at you in bewilderment. It's such a peacefull way of winning a fight...
  6. I have just finished reading it - it's gold!
  7. After palp has done his self-zapping and is deformed (read: revealed) the movie has a dialog-break. In this break palp is going "oh please dont kill me etc." But as he looks at Dark Helmet you (the audience) clearly sees the glimmer of malicious/manipulative expectation in his eyes when he awaits ani's response. Well at least I do
  8. The mere fact that palp could hold his own/win against Yoda should be evidence enough. He was not "zapping" himself for no other reason than to pretend to be hurt/in pain. Mace is cool, there is no denying that, he rocked in clone wars (cartoon), but he was absolutely no match for palp.
  9. Nope - palp was just playing in order to win over Dark Helmet. He clearly showed just how powerful he was after ani had cut of Mace's arm.
  10. Voted evil. I will most certainly not accept her as being neutral as she claims to be. The whole concept of manipulating/controlling people for the greater good is basicly the moral/religious tale of human history. I will judge her by her actions over her intentions. I will never accept that not helping someone who needs it will serve a greater good. The way you aid people in a game is however somewhat simplified (e.g. rather give a man a fishing rod than a fish concept) but would be too complicated to implement. And no I do not believe the force is "misbehaving" and controlling people. That has never been the concept of the force and seems more like a clever "game-playing-idea".
  11. You scored as Yoda. You are master Yoda. Yoda's teachings are far reaching within the Jedi order. Ever the diplomat, scholar and teacher - Yoda seeks to enlighten through wisdom, experience and discipline. Yoda employs the lightsaber form Ataru in which the practioner uses The Force in conjunction with his own physical prowess to achieve unparalleled acrobatic skill, accuracy and speed. Skill is stressed over raw power. He has trained many Master Jedi - most notably Count Dooku, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi and is one of only four Jedi to have preserved his personal identity after death. Yoda 100% Luke Skywalker 82% Qui-Gon Jinn 79% Bastila Shan 75% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pre Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 71% Mace Windu 57% Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 54% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Post Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 50% Darth Revan 50% Darth Sidious 39% Anakin Skywalker 39% Darth Vader 32% Darth Maul 25% Exar Kun 0%
  12. Must. Not. Laugh of loud at work :D
  13. So.. I am once again trying this DS-thing. Didn't come very far last time. I am currently touring telos and is supposed to deliver some weapons to some thugs in apartment B3. Problem is that these thugs tell me to come alone, and no matter where I leave Crow & Atton they constanly tell me to come alone. Am I doing something wrong? If so please say so [but dont tell what], or is it a bug?
  14. Jennifer Connelly as The Exile Just picture her in a robe and bingo!
  15. Utterly disapointing no. But close. I will rate it 3/6 or perhaps 3/5. But I absolut agree with your point above. Like: Palp:"Join me.." Ani(because is it sooo cute..bleh): "Who me? Palp: "Yes you! Jedi=baaad, Me=goood! Join me!" Ani: "Oh ok." There are no spark between Hayden / Natalie. Never were.
  16. Um... I remember reading that you dont get force crush if you kill any of the masters during the search? But I have never played DS so....
  17. Please watch 9/11 Martial Law and then come back to this thread. And no I am certainly not blindly accepting everything they say in this documentary, but some interesting points are made. And if you are one of those that dismiss any documentary as bogus propaganda you really have nothing to lose by wathcing it now do you
  18. Sure. I'll let it be. But the US is heading in the wrong direction and it has really nothing to do with eighter the democrats or the current republic administration. But you a right, this is not the place.
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