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  1. IMHO, Fallout 3 is an eyesore, and due to the constrained story, hinders immersion, made only worse by not being an emulation of PnP gameplay. With 90% of the quests being completely irrelevant to your character's life, the lives of the respective quest givers, or the world as a whole. If it's not broke, why fix it... if it was broken to begin with, why should I have to fix it to enjoy it? Whale and Petunias>AntAgonizer and the Mechanist. A mile of tripe is not better than an ounce of prime rib. QFT. Even Ian, who reminds me a lot of Christina in
  2. Playing CounterStrike: Source for the first time in 6 months... amazing what a little hiatus (and an FPS boost from 10 to 100) can do for my aim.
  3. FO:T wasn't that bad at all, imho. It does to FO what WoW does to Warcraft, just... in reverse. I mean, I have no probs seeing FO spin off into other genres, as long as they wholly embrace what FO is within that genre, and FO:T did that pretty well with squad-strategy (well, the only other games I could relate to it is Jagged Edge, and XCom, and while it's no Jagged Edge, it does well enough, I think). Problem with FO3 is it asks itself "what genre do I fall in?" and winds up having an identity crisis. FPSes and RPGs are too distinct from one another to mesh well in a hybrid. Add the path
  4. Pft, I've been asking for better games for 20 years now. I've only been satisfied with about 10-20 of 'em. People don't *want* War and Peace or Gone With the Wind, they want Transformers and The Day After. Nothing too deep, nothing too thought-provoking, but something to entertain them for a little while until they get bored and rush to wally-world to buy a new game. Developers feed them tripe, because the masses ask for tripe. We want top sirloin, so we have to hunt down the sole butcher shop in the next state to get what we hunger for. I can think of only a few that rival FO- Wastel
  5. Rofl, no, just an avid fan of his, with enough time on my hands and skills in my head to have pulled it off. Back then, I didn't know much about fan-made remakes and their legality, so I was gonna try to buy the IP outright. In a nutshell, their lawyers told me 'talk to person B', while person B told me to go back to person A. Didn't take me long to give up and work on my own projects. 'Sides, Brian eventually bought it... he could (obviously) do far more justice to it than I could.
  6. Yeah, I stopped paying attention to what became of FO after the whole Fat Man thing... I kind of gave up hope then. Schweet. ^_^ IMHO, and this is just my opinion only, everything Bryan Fargo has touched, in my eyes, has turned to gold (yes, even the bard's tale remake to a lesser extent, but I digress)... and the lead people at Obsidian got a good hearty smack, be it directly or indirectly, and share a bit of that Midas touch. And I have yet to see Obsidian (or any form and name it was incarnated in or spawned from in the past) make a genuinely bad game (even KOTOR2 was actu
  7. TBH, I haven't played a *single* game that came out this past year... but I do want to pick up Dragon Age here soon. That, Brutal Legend, and Borderlands. Other than those, there hasn't been *anything* that remotely piqued my interest.
  8. I have too many favorite games... but... Relevant 5 (in order): Wasteland- Without Wasteland, there would be no Fallout. It was my first exposure to the post-apoc genre, and it quite literally shaped the next 20-some-odd years of my life more than almost all other influences. Believe it or not, I *still* play it, have every journal entry memorized (though, not their order), possibly know why Van Buren was called Van Buren (I could be wrong, but it's an uncanny hypothesis), and if it weren't for EA's lawyers giving me the runaround 'bout 10 years ago, probably would/could have made th
  9. OMGOMGOMG! I *just* heard 'bout FO:NV, I feel like crying in joy! After the *insert long ranty tirade full of insults and depressing bouts of frustration at FO3*... mess... that was FO3, I am genuinely overjoyed to see FO:NV in Obsidian's hands. *gets on hands and knees and begs intently* please-please-please tell me that the overall IQ level of this will be along the lines of greatness that were FO1 and 2 (pft, even that of KOTOR2 or Dragon Age), instead of the glossy-eyed "point-blank-nukes, eye-shots-are-unrealistic, and bobble-headed" mentality of FO3? I don't mean to sound either
  10. "Bad String Reference"... the game looked for a sentence, dialogue line, or other such descriptive thingie, and could not find it, either because it does not exist or it's looking in the wrong place (ie corrupted save/executable).
  11. Hmmm... I've played DS once, but got the same last-hour-or-two as a LSer. How did you get it?
  12. Against the boss, go and equip your best stuff (like Gamorrean Gauntlets, Combat Visor, etc) and upgrade your weapons as highly as possible. For the boss' weaponry... use Force/Knight/Master Speed and run away. You'll leave them behind, they'll split up, and you can take them on one at a time.
  13. I play all four possibilities first (LSf, DSf, LSm, DSm) for the sake of seeing the entire story. Then, upon repeated plays, I always play LSf (however, I keep a DSf for when I'm having a bad day and need something to beat upon).
  14. I'd still buy K3... I mean, I can't get enough of K1, and K2 was alright (story was decent, my main disappointments came from the general lack of completeness) but worth at least (so far) 2 replays through. If K3 follows in the same vein (though I pray it takes as long as possible to ensure it's a good game), I'll still get it, if for no other reason than completeness. Pft. I'd still get it if it used the same engine.
  15. I'd say the Disciple. Handmaiden's cold-heartedness (in the beginning) gets on my nerves. Disciple is kind, wanting what is best for everyone, and a constant seeker of knowledge. Though I must admit, he does seem to be a bit of a fanboy, that does not lessen my view of him. His intents and goals are noble and worthy of respect.
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