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  1. Gotcha, thanks a million. Too bad all my characters focus on strength huh? I'm mostly into the lightsabers
  2. Does TM-34 have a message from Carth saved in him somewhere? And if so, how do you trigger it? That'd be all... Simple, huh?
  3. What's the cheat node? I haven't even heard of it .
  4. I voted Obsidian. If they hadn't cut all of that stuff about your characters in the end, this game would have been as good as the first IMO. I say Obsidian should take another go at it. With some more time, I know they could come up a good storyline for a KOTOR 3. I loved KOTOR and KOTOR 2. Finally a game that I was looking for. I didn't want a game where it was just push the button as fast as you could to see who could get more hits on the other person. Not only that, but the lightsaber and sword duels were the most realistic looking that I have seen in a game to date. Not only t
  5. Those are plot holes that got opened due to the cut content. Use your imagination
  6. Thanks! I didn't know about any of that :|. Lol, well I guess ill just have to get started on that stuff! Thanks again.
  7. I always thought of this ending as being a multi-climax. It was a climax when you reach Nihilius and again on Malachor V. MY biggest problem with all of this, is that they cut out all of the stuff concerning your party members on Malachor V. I never talked to one party member on Malachor and it just completely left the feeling that there was this big piece missing, which we find out that there was. If they would've added those character conversations, we would not even be having this conversation.
  8. Now that I'm getting bored with the game, I was wondering if there were any computers like in the previous game that you could hack into an infinite amount of times. I don't want to resort to glitching to make myself an uber jedi, mostly because I suck at glitching.
  9. If I remember right, I think Bao-Dur gave the remote a neat ability to heal the droids in your party. It happened one of the times that I re-entered the Ebon Hawk. He also gives the droid a laser advancement. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. The biggest complaint that I have is Peragus. I'm avoiding starting another new game mainly because I don't want to play through this waste of time.
  11. Mira, that's a new one... Thanks. Also, what about Bao-Dur and Atton?
  12. I've seen several posts now where your party members can be jedi. EX. Bao-Dur, and Atton. Now.... I have played through the game AT LEAST four times, and I still did not know that these certain party members could be converted. Is this a glitch that allows it? Or perhaps its only the computer version. And then again maybe its also available on Xbox and Im just stupid. No matter which of the three options it is, will someone please fill me in. And if (being on xbox) I can convert these people, could you provide me with a list of the certain party members that may be converted?
  13. Items in KOTOR 2 are completely random. I found my silver crystal the first time on the body of a dead Sith Assassin on Dxun. The second time, I purchased the jedi artifacts that the trapped salvager has salvaged out of the sublevels.. I don't remember the guy's name, but he sells you his stuff for 1000 credits I think. Its worth it, the items are pretty good. I have also got a Cyan crystal out of the deal once.
  14. Forgot I wasn't in spoiler forum! Don't I feel stupid. It's now edited so people know... Sorry about that everyone
  15. *SPOILER** This works *ONLY* if you can dance for Vogga, or you have someone else who can. Go into the Nar Shadaa dock area, and then continue into the apartments (where you eventually end up to speak with the Jedi Master). *note* Make sure that you have a character with stealth skills, and a stealth field generator. The first door on the left should contain a couple of guys that say that you will not be able to sneak up on them.... Well you can. Equip your stealth field generator and head on in there. They will not realize you are there and tell you th
  16. Items are random in KOTOR 2. Seeing how this is the case, all you can really do is just complete quests. You sometimes get a lightsaber for your reward depending on the quest. Also, I have found a double-bladed lightsaber in Vogga the Hutt's store room both times that I have broken in there. If you don't know how to get in there, then tell me and I or another will explain it.
  17. I go with the temple of Freedon Nadd. Its the only place I found that you can actually bask in the power of the dark side.
  18. I didn't even know Atton could be turned into a jedi (w00t) . Shows how new I am huh? And after i've played through the game 3 times too..!! Well, I chose to have Kreia give him mandatory hourly lectures. That is usually enough to get my character to get out the straight-jacket.
  19. Ok, after the third time playing the game I still did not know that you could make Atton a jedi.... How do you do it? In relation to the topic.... I don't like being rushed. If I got into a quest, and there are still things I would like to do, I don't want to be rushed into getting where I need to go.
  20. I voted for all of the above, except that I don't want a different ship from the Ebon Hawk. IMO, the Ebon Hawk is part of KOTOR tradition now, and I think it will still have a role to play. If they're making KOTOR III then I would like it to continue the second game as if you had played through the game as a light jedi. That is, I would like to see the game take you to where Revan has gone, find Revan, and proceed to be able to have your KOTOR I Revan character, and your KOTOR II exile in the same party. Along with this you would add previous characters from both games, and maybe throw in
  21. I remember KOTOR I well enough that I don't need to play them back to back to understand the games. Great games though.... It might be safe to say that they are my favorite RPG! P.S. New to the forums, nice to meet you all!
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