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  1. I like the fact that both games have very different starts...
  2. I probably should stop reading about all this cut stuff... it's teasing me. :D
  3. Even with the bugs, KotOR 2 is one of the best games I've played in a while...
  4. I'd like both of them to be in the game, but as non-player characters.
  5. Someone was saying that KotOR 2 isn't X-Box Live compatible...
  6. I'd be happy if Obsidian did KotOR 3... just as long as it wasn't rushed.
  7. I was talking about KotOR's development cycle compared to KotOR 2.
  8. True. Hopefully KotOR3's development will reflect BioWare's then.
  9. I remember people bitching about the FPS for the X-Box version when it was first released, though. I think the PC version has eclypsed the X-Box problems because it was released more recently...
  10. Yeah, I'm glad that I played the game without knowing about the missing content as well.
  11. Didn't LucasArts work on BioWare's terms, though. They had lots of development time. Wasn't that at three E3's in a row before it was released?
  12. I wouldn't want a lesser developer to do it, though...
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