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  1. Don't think so. It'll probably run at medium smoothly.
  2. You're fine man. Don't worry. Those specs guarantee flawless play.
  3. Man, in Croatia components are a lot more expensive than in the US. For example, I'd have to dish out 2300Kn (about 450 bucks) to buy a decent mainboard and CPU, and 2300Kn is the amount of my monthly pay working 8h a day, 6 days a week in my fathers construction company. Life sucks. Maybe I'll buy a new rig next year or when and if Kotor 3 comes out.
  4. Pentium 4 1.7(can be cranked up but it'll be of no use) 512 MB of RAM (400Mhz) GeForce FX 5200 OTES(...I know, I know... that's bad) I played Kotor 2 with this config with no at all problems. But...
  5. So there is no chance at all I'll be able to run NWN2? That is just utterly maddening! I can't play anything anymore! Kotor 1 and 2 were the only games I really enjoyed during the last couple of years and I was hoping I could play NWN2. I'm sorry but I gotta say it... You bastards!
  6. I know that this doesn't belong in this forum but anyway, I just encountered the bug of all bugs in KotOR 1. It happened as follows : I had just arrived at the Star Forge system and got pulled in by the disruptor field. I landed on the planet and got out of the ship, then the Rakatan warriors attacked me. Apparently everything is going as it should but then another group of Rakatan's attacks me and as I go to the Tempel exterior yet another one attacks. That was pretty weird but what happened then stumped me but good. You know that there's a force-field doesn't allow you to enter the temple until you have taken care of all the bussines with the Rakatan's right? Well, I ran towards the place where you usually get ambushed by the Mandalorians and as I arrive there the game stops for a brief period and the next thing I know I'M INSIDE THE TEMPLE.
  7. Star maps all the way. It was much, much more fun and involving (KotOR 1 in general).
  8. I'm kinda tired of the battle between good & evil...
  9. Nah... I wouldn't want KotOR to go online. And besides, we don't even know if theres gonna be another KotOR.
  10. Shut it you little peace of s***. Your momma obviously didn't teach you civilized communtication. BTW: I was on the LS fully in KotOR 1.
  11. Well first of all, the one thing that kinda bugged me in both Kotors is that they were short, 30-35 hours of play just didn't seem enough for such an epic story. I suggest you to pay more attention to the content, story and lenght of the game than to it's looks. Second, the stories of KotOR 1 and 2 were both fantastic. I would like it to pick up were the last one ended, It would not be advisable to change the character because that would just be to much. Other than that there's nothing else I have to say.
  12. I don't know if this was already posted but after finishing the game twice I noticed a tiny little alteration in the story. Before I went to Malachor Carth asked me about Revan, when we are done talking the following happens: 1st playtrough : I walk away and thats it. 2nd playtrough : I walk away and then Bastila (from Kotor 1) suddenly appears on the scene and talks to Carth about our conversation. I've killed Bastila in Kotor 1, how come she's alive?
  13. I won't even download that patch, I'm near the end of the game. ... Or so I think.
  14. Unfortunatly, LucasArts forgot about me. No answer in a week.
  15. Are you high or just stupid? I paid 50$ for a game that doesn't work, I even bought a new graphics card recently and it still didn't work so please...
  16. Even worse. Well, I suppose I can buy it... I'll be livin on the street for a while but what the hell! ;-)
  17. 200$?! Where the hell am I gonna get that kinda money?!
  18. God dammit you guys I said I can only afford these.
  19. I'm intending to buy a new graphics card but unfortatly I can only afford these: GeForce 4 MX4000-T128 128 MB [ADVANTECH or MSI] GeForce FX5200 64MB 128bit [ADVANTECH] Radeon 9200SE 128MB [sAPPHIRE] Radeon 9250-T128 128MB [sAPPHIRE] That's all I can afford, so wich one do you suggest?
  20. Actually, you don't need to add -w to the shortcut's target line. Works without it for me.
  21. New mail from LucasArts [after I gave them full info on the card]: ---------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Thank you for the comments and information, we will pass this along to the appropriate group. ---------------------------------------------------------- That's all for now.
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