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  1. There's a lot of people with problems with the game, and saying that they are giving up, and hate Obsidian, and wish KOTOR would crash and burn, and etc. If Obsidian, in a month from now released a patch that solved every problem, would you come back? Would you reinstall the game, try the patch, play the game, like the game, take back all the nasty things you said, and by KOTOR 3 (Possibly waiting a month for them to patch everything first)? I really wanna know.
  2. check here http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29447
  3. lol, yes I remembered to do that. Still nothing. Has this worked for anyone else? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Got it working. Put fullscreen to =0, then put AllowWindowedMode=1 under graphics, then add -w to the target line of the shortcut. Usually a game makes you do one of those things, this game requires all of em. Who knew.
  4. lol, yes I remembered to do that. Still nothing. Has this worked for anyone else?
  5. A lot of people have a problem with the game starting with Windowed mode...I don't, but I want to. ANyone know how to make it happen on purpose?
  6. There seems to be a lot of problems with this windowed thing. I wish I could figure out how to make my game run in windowed mode...I'm big on multi tasking. I like to chat on MSN while I play...but I have to Alt - tab to get to MSN Messenger and back (WHich as of yet has had no ill effects on my laptop).
  7. So you people are still going on about the laptop crap. Yes, a lot of people on desktops are having just as many problems. The only difference between a desktop and a laptop, is that a laptop is easier to upgrade. Anakin, you were the guy going on and on about how A Mobility 9000 is more like a 6500 or something like that. You were full of ****. The entire problem rested on the shoulders of obsidian, and their terrible job at squashing compatibility issues. This laptop is stronger than a majority of the desktops out there that people have, and laptops are not to be underestimated. Since I fixe
  8. Yup everyone kept telling me the same thing. Don't use laptops to play PC Games. Well GO STUFF IT!!! I have a laptop, ver powerful, 3 gig pentium, 704mb ram, and a Radeon Mobile 9000 (The weakest link, as usual). The game refused to work, and I was all down, as everyone was saying The game will not run on a laptop, the same tune as you're singing. Even Omega wouldn't help. I was gonna give up, when I say a post about how it works fine with older ATI drivers like 4.11. Since I have a mobility chip, the drivers won't install, but old Omega drivers will. I found Omega Drivers based off of ATI Cat
  9. The answer, Omega. get omega, it supports mobility. but get an earlier version, the one that is based on catalyst 4.11 That's the one that made the game work for me.
  10. IT WORKS!!! IT WORKS!!! I used an old version of Omega drivers, that were 4.11 catalyst based, and it works!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!!! EDIT: I just finished the prologue. Not a single problem!!! I have confidence the problem is solved, and all I can say is My god, thank you all. I was so disheartened. All that long wait was for nothing. But yo have changed my life around. Everything seems new and glorious. Oh thank you. You wouldn't believe how much this means to me.
  11. I tried the first game, and it wouldn't run, but the previous guy's post seems to have given me hope. I read something about someone having sorta this problem with the latest ATI drivers, so I'm trying 4.11 drviers now.
  12. Yes it's integrated, and I've Run every other game, including Halo. Are you to tell me Halo isn't a 3d game? Or that Halo requires less then KOTOR2? I've Also run Sims 2 at Maximum Settings, at High Resolution, and it's run Flawlessly. If I remember correctly, that's 3D too.
  13. Dammit, but what other choice do I have. What have I got left to grasp on to? I can't swap out Video Cards, it ain't no desktop...I don't have a desktop. And Halo works on this laptop, it works fine. How can Halo work and this not? They're both X-box games...Gosh dammit, this whole thing is blowing up my mind...but I can't just give up. I waited so long for this game, and I must believe there's something I can do. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've tried Omega Drivers, and they didn't help...should they have? What exactly do they do. What do they improve?
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