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  1. I quite agree.. it wasn't spectacular and didn't really give you a feeling of 'ah, this is the end now, I worked hard to get here, I'm so happy!', but it did remind me of ESB, without the human component.
  2. Well written and thought-out Malhavok! :D *hugs Obsidian forums* So many smart people making us feel dumber.. er.. better.. thank you.
  3. You've made a great point here.. it does make sense.. but not really to one on the first playthrough, or someone used to having the plot spelled out ala. Revan's Revelation movie in KotOR I. :"> I'm gonna copy and paste this so I'll remember.
  4. The weird thing is that I think you're right.. but it *only* appeared when I was on the Ebon Hawk when the Red-whatever Slavers were on board.. It's another bug, imho.. and the male Exile/PCs don't get Disciple, who acts like a Lab Station (that sounds weird.. ) just like T3 does to Upgrade your items.
  5. Well said, that's how I'd like to think of the game.. but the dark side part of me wants to kill them for cutting the endings with your party members sometimes.
  6. I think that Kreia's attitude was summed up quite early on, to paraphrase: the true battle exists within the hearts of every self-aware being. She wanted the choices, whether creative (light side) or destructive (dark side), to be truly of the being.. and NOT part of some grand scheme of the Force. To branch off into the idea that the Force is pretty awful in some ways: I saw this right off after seeing Episode I.. the 'balance' of the Force is not the wholesome thing the Jedi likely assume it to be.. in essence.. by Episode IV's time.. the Force *has* become balanced with Vader's help, by having four main powers in the galaxy: Vader, Obi-Wan, the Emperor, and Luke. Two light, two dark.. but having one light be eliminated by New Hope's end means that one of the dark side will have to be gone. Inbetween Episode I to IV, hundreds, if not thousands, of Jedi Knights were killed to bring this balance. Was the Force the reason? Or was it choice? Or both? In essence, Kreia was railing against Fate. The mistress of Betrayals and Manipulation could not have even the Force manipulating her, it being too unbearable. Yet ironically enough, the Force probably wanted her to help the Exile all along.
  7. Well.. I'll say this much for KotOR II.. it really isn't a game you can cater to yourself, *you* might make the choices, but you have to also put effort forth to understand the choices other characters make. That's what makes an RPG, imho, using your brain *and* your weapons.. and realizing which is most potent for which situation.
  8. I heard that the 'true Sith' were an entire race. And 'Darth' is a truncated version of "DARk lord of the siTH".
  9. *daydreams about making love to him* Grrr...they cut his homocidal darkside aspect from the ending...... I was busy fantasizing about the female characters to notice Atton * * * * Hrm.. all of the above sometimes.. :"> :D
  10. It's very nice.. and Visas.. well.. she's supposed to be a bit creepy.. but it's touching overall.. two exiles.. neither of them can really go home.. :">
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