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  1. to justify sacrificing one of you companions, even for "evil" characters. It's the one in those ruins under that town in the east Am I the only one who think it's not worth it and it should be something better?
  2. I got criminals coming to my stronghold and staying. Is there a way to just find and kill them? I can only pay them off and "escort" and the latter requires a hireling I guess. I just don't get why I can't find and kill them lol It makes no sense whatsoever. Where are they hiding?
  3. The problem is the precedent this sets. Removing something because it was offensive? Find me something someone somewhere doesn't find offensive
  4. Bloody disgusting. So they caved in to demands of a fraking lunatic SJW ..It's a disaster marketing wise coz lunatics are just a loud minority..And make no mistake. This joke was not "transphobic" in the slightest, it was actually ridiculing the one who commited suicide. Suddenly I don't even feel like playing today... And I'm sure as hell won't be backing another Obsidian project. What a shame.
  5. There is a difference between rebalancing and making almost useless. Add to this 3 or 4 difficulty levels, yeah... Good luck "balancing" that.
  6. Because pre-buffing is tedious and if you allowed it you would need to balance encounters around this thus forcing everyone to pre-buff. This one doesn't make any sense(IN-GAME). There is no justification for this whatsoever IN-GAME. It is absolutely contrived. What, there is an invisible god in the sky who bans certain spells from being used until enemies see you? Please.. Nice logic. No. It just shows that I know how this spell works same as I know how a knife and a fork works.
  7. *getting tired of nerf-this-nerf-that crowd bringing MMO attitude to a single player CRPG* They've started nerfing abilities but we have several difficulty modes.. so once nerfed this or that spell becomes OK on normal, mediocre on hard and totally useless on POD.. How do you actually "balance" this,uh? Magic is already nerfed in this game: - rest limit - certain buffing spells disabled out of combat This one doesn't make any sense(IN-GAME) at all. Why a wizard can't cast this or that defensive\buffing spell outside of combat? It's just contrived.And this is why it is so irritating - certain attack abilities disabled out of combat It doesn't make any sense either. So, a fighter can't use X to attack someone coz..well. no reason.. just coz devs say so. These totally artificial constraints are just bad pretty much coz they are ridiculous and make absolutely no sense. That's just lazy. It's hard to understood Sawyer's mad obsession with "balance". It's a single player game, and a party-based game at that. Who cares if one or two classes are slightly more powerful than the others? Balancing choices so that all of them are viable for the (single) player is nice and all theoretically however when everything is special, nothing is. Homogeneity is boring And Sawyer's whole thing about not wanting players to make broken builds(OP or just plain bad) is bollocks anyway. Where is freedom in that? Where is choice int that? Where is this excitement when you discover something truly powerful in that?None. I'm not happy about all this. Withdraw? Jesus..Leave withdraw alone..And no, I haven't even used it once. . It's not the fault of the spell, rather non-existent AI. But of course it's easier to nerf the spell then to code some proper AI.
  8. Anti-trans joke? Jesus... I swear SJW are compeltly nuts.. it's actually a pretty funny poem and this is me saying, a bisexual who has a transgender brother who doesn't have any problem with this little poem either.
  9. My characters lost all the stuff they had in their inventory when I dismissed them in the village inn. I already have got the stronghold but I built only the main hall or whatever it is called, so stronghold inn is unavailable atm.
  10. Dismissing characters triggers another bug- all items in their inventory disappear for good. I checked the stash and they are not there. Hilarious.
  11. Could you, please, share your thoughts on what are the best wizard spells, the ones I should take the moment they become available? I've just reached lvl 5 (lvl 3 spells available). Thanx in advance.
  12. Having 2-4 suppies available is ridiculous. You are continually backtracking to town to get more, then fight again, then repeat. It's destroying the game. Either resting should not require any resources or limit should be raised to ,say, 20. And,please, don't get started with "old -school" and sh--t, acting all high and mighty as in lol-this-is-old-school-baby-get-back to-your-dragon-age-inquisition. I played almost all CRPGs starting from the ones made pre-1990. And the way it's done here is no good. No good at all.
  13. When I start I can pick one of the animals to transform. Will other be available later? With levels? Cheers
  14. Cheers. Although Im more interested in ranged (firearms) cipher MasterPrudentYeah, I'm gonna see how it goes.
  15. What spells and abilities would you consider must have? The most useful and deadly ones Thanx. PS is it worth spending 1-2 points into atheltics to reduce combat fatigue? I plan on putting most points into lore and mechanics on my cipher
  16. I'm sorry but locking games so that they can't be played outside of a country XY is totally fraked up. What if I am on vacation in another country? What if I moved to another country for good? What if I am on a business trip? Huh? Steam forums are full of complaints in regard to this issue. And no, not only from people who got cheap RU copies. It's ridiculous and anti-consumer policy Let's then tag Mexican, Brazilian and other countries gifts\keys as onlyrunincountryX coz they are too cheaper than US or EU versions. ...... or maybe we could learn a thing or two from GOG.
  17. I want to get some of them later coz now I'm in a bit of a pickle atm and I gotta buy some other games that are coming out in a week or two... Cheers.
  18. Damn... Since I plan on playing a cipher having a high resolve is out of the question.. and afaik resolve is used quite often in dialogues.
  19. I'm sorry if it was asked already...Do all party members skills affect dialogues or only the ones the main character has got?
  20. Shdy314 What starting race\attr would you recommend for a ranged(pistols etc) cipher? I suppose I should concentrate on INT DEX MGHT (in that order) and wear "armor" that doesn't affect my recovery rate .It should help with firing guns more often thus gaining focus points more frequently , no? TIA
  21. I seriously doubt we are gonna see keys antyime soon. They don't wanna findtheir guide and stuff on torrents before the actual release date lol
  22. Hmm.. I've got some questions regarding these stats.. 1)Wizard Why does he have a high perception instead of high might? Doesn't might increase all damage? What' the point of having a high perception on a mage? Interrupts? I don't think it's worth it. 2)Priest Why resolve is so high? Not getting interrupted is good and vital for a priest but still..And isn't constitution a bit high? Wouldn't it be better to put more points into might seeing as it greatly increases healing? PS Having respec option would help greatly.. One could just respec these companions lol
  23. I mean the one you can get as one of the addons for your pledge. Just curious if it's the same thing. Thanx.
  24. Yes, thank you. Exactly this. "Unenjoyable", not challenging but rather irritating and "sadistic" Respec could be actually made pretty interesting not just "pay X money to a trainer and get ur skills reset". It could be a separate speific quest with procedurally generated missions or even a series of missions.
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