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  1. Luckily I escaped those three but they all sound terrible I just had this happen to me and I'm pretty crushed. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72857-bug-follower-inventory-being-deleted/ All the items in my companions inventories and their quick slots have all vanished after I dismissed them all on the bedroom level of the keep... yay!
  2. Two posts on the stream forums, one made by me about this pretty horrible bug I just have happen to me. After dismissing all my companions and chatting with them in the keep, I grouped them back up and headed out. Three autosave later I need to open my inventory.... every item in each companions inventory is missing, even their quick slot items. Each person was carrying certain things.... Every potion on Durance. Every unique weapon on Eder. Every scroll on Mother. Every neck and ring on Sagani. Every food and armour on Hiravias. (Not -every- but ones I switched to for certain enemies etc.) (All their quick slot items are also gone.) The other guy had exactly the same thing happen... but caught it in time. I've got no way to get anything back and im 30 hours deep. I've filled each empty spot with tears.
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