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  1. Anyone in Europe received the email their goodies shipped?
  2. Hmm, no title yet? Fionavar, can you please check this? Pledge & Survey already done, desired title is on page 18 of this thread.
  3. Passive talents that you can pick by doing certain quests in a certain way, seeing things in the game world and by fighting some special monsters is something I have very much enjoyed in the Witcher series (especially no. 2). I'd like to see this in PoE too.
  4. Ha-ha, post of the month right here . So true. There will be arguments for and against, some will prefer the BG spells, many I suspect will be more than fine with what PoE has to offer. No way of pleasing everyone.
  5. Monster variety in itself and also in regards to their abilities and resistances is something that all players likely want. With the exception of those who are in it only for the story.
  6. If the super-weapon is available before the end-game battle only, it may be a little unfulfilling that you didn't have time to use it on different enemy types and in different circumstances. You know, you may actually want to play more than a bit with it and see it in action in all its glory.
  7. Good question, to it's sort of like going off to college, but being able to bring your high school buddies with you. But I don't think people actually expect any of this stuff to come over verbatim from BG to PoE. Mostly I think people are waxing nostalgic and having a bit of fun. That has been where I've been coming from, at least. There's BG the original editions and BG the EE now. PoE needs a bit more than BG&BG2 offered to be a real success and I'm not talking here about fancier graphics.
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