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  1. Did you even play the beta? They were in the beta for quite some time. I went in the town and the surrounding areas, where were they? They must have been added late. "And one of the themes with the game is your PC can look into souls. The backer NPCs show this with your power. It is internally consistent with the game world. And peering into souls is part of that. Similar to other NPCs in the game." They just seem out of place(maybe it's all the godlike) compared to the interactive souls. P.S I don't like hitting tab or having everything showing.
  2. You may have helped me in the long run. All this tombstone controversy will make the post count go up and the devs will think people hate the backers npcs.
  3. I wish these npcs were in the backer beta, I woulda bitched there
  4. This thread HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOMBSTONES! Damn it mod lumping this together.
  5. It takes 3 seconds to see their name and 1 second to click on them. There's 500+ of them. It's annoying.
  6. You can talk to people faster than you can see IF THEY'RE A GOLD NPC.
  7. I actually cringe when I hear the soul sound effect now. You can click talk on a npc faster than waiting for the npc name so that's why it's throwing me off.
  8. Got about 2 before that and 5+ since arriving. Also quicksaving started taking longer at the same time.
  9. There's way too many of them. I wish they just had a line of dialogue instead.
  10. I don't like it. Combat should improve something, kind of immersion breaking.
  11. I'm guessing they'll add them later.
  12. Solid so far. Only a few superficial things I'd like to see added if it's possible. Really the world looks good, the font/conversation looks good and the combat looks good. Only real complaint - Pathfinding for your characters to attack in a 5 on 1 battle is buggy. Autoattack? But I'd like to see 1. Sheathing weapons. 2. Adjustable opacity for circles around characters. 3. The world not freezing during conversations 4. More idle animations, I saw a few but it would be nice. 5. Higher res grass textures (not a problem)
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