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  1. Circling back to report on spellcasts per fight - I just finished Llengrath on POTD. Spell casts left for my three Vancians: Priest MC: 3/4/4/4/4/3/3/2 Aloth: 6/2/6/4/4/3/1/2 Hiravias: 4/4/4/4/3/2/3/3 I believe each of them used 2 of their 4 mastered spells. My point being, 2 per-encounters per spell level is way overkill unless combat has drastically changed. And finally, changing the Vancians to Mana seems a really poor choice. There's no real reason to. Spell slots are interesting design space, and if you want a Mana pool, almost all of the other classes have you covered.
  2. I'm 75 percent through a POTD playthrough, and more than ever I'm believing that you should only get one spell slot per spell level until you hit the former mastery levels - i.e., you get another level 1 spell at power level 5, 2 at 6, 3 at 7, 4 at 8, and 5 at 9. On almost no fights have I managed to burn through a significant number of spells before the fight is over, and that's including the boss fights that you aren't trying to hold back on. What's more is that there are spell levels that my characters don't even use because they just have so many casts at the levels that have the OP sp
  3. Honestly, the current system is the easiest. But too many people want muscle wizards.
  4. Yeah, even if you steal recovery from Dex (worsening that stat), you've basically made a duplicate of Dex. Sure, it's slightly different, but they are both "do things faster."
  5. Ugh. I guess the Muscle Wizard fans win after all. At the very least we can all hope *something* works out for Resolve other than going back to the Pillars 1 system where Resolve was terrible.
  6. Can't you use Empower to refresh spell slots, or am I mistaken there?
  7. Somewhat off-topic, but . . . "From SneakAttack perspective: Graze and UnderPen is multiplicative; while Crit and OverPen are additive; From Strength perspective: Graze and UnderPen is additive (with double inversion); while Crit and OverPen are multiplicative. That's because: - Sneak Attack, Crit, OverPen and other bonuses belong to preAdditive group; while - Strength, Graze and UnderPen belong to postAdditive group." Ugh! This seems completely wrong to me. Crits, Grazes, and Pen bonuses/maluses should be in one group with Strength, Sneak Attack, and Soul Whip in another. Especial
  8. Saying Fireball serves a different purpose by comparing 4 fireballs vs 2 is a little off the mark. If you are firing off 4 fireballs per fight, that means you are resting every fight, too, which is clearly not how the game was designed. As I mentioned in the Vancian thread, POE1 at least felt like it was balanced around 4 fights per rest on average. Is it possible to mod attributes? I know I'm a pariah for preferring Str to Mgt, but I'm interested in seeing if you can add a 2%-per-point Armor recovery modifier to Str. Anyway, back to spells - another thing I mentioned in the Vancian th
  9. I feel like the reason you cast the same spell over and over is because the spells aren't properly balanced, not because they are per encounter. In POE1 you usually cast the same spells everytime because generally speaking, the best spells were obvious. When Chill Fog was Foe AOE, that was the default level 1 Wizard spell because everything else paled in comparison. The spells in general could use a serious balance pass. It would take some doing, but one could conceivably create a formula to rate spells by giving different values and/or multipliers to spell characteristics like damage, dur
  10. If you look at POE1, I figure the game was balanced around resting every 4 fights on average. With that in mind, the former Vancians have even more casts than they should. Just switching them to Mana is lazy - I think spell slots can be interesting design space. I'd even bring Vancian per encounter casts down. You shouldn't get your second 1st level spell until the time you get a spell mastery in POE1 - 9th level (5th power level). You still have strategic decisions to make regarding whether a spell is better cast as an opener or if you should save it for if things go south. Right now
  11. You have to remember that Pillars 1 harkens back to Infinity engine games, which are all based on DND. Yes, the ruleset is different, but you can draw a lot of parallels. Accordingly, you can see that Fine/Exceptional/Superb are just replacements for +1/+2/+3 magical weapons. A Fine weapon increases accuracy by 4/100, and damage by 15%. A +1 enchantment on a 1-12 weapon increases accuracy by 1/20=5/100, and damage by 1/6.5=15.4%.
  12. I really disagree on puppet master and whisper of treason (and to a slightly lesser extent re: Mental Binding, since it's AoE): they need to be fairly quick casts, because 10 seconds is a relatively short duration, and there's a miss rate. I've shown the math elsewhere on the forum, but once you factor in miss rates, whisper and domination need a fast cast time to be worthwhile -- otherwise you're just trading your time for the enemy's at an even rate, and since PC time is more valuable than the time of a random monster, you need a really strongly beneficial time trade to make casting the powe
  13. For anyone who doesn't understand that Resolve was a dump stat in POE1, you have to look no further than 6th level priest spell Crowns for the Faithful, which adds a whopping 25 points of Resolve as a buff. Only one other buff goes into double digits (Champion's Boon), and it is a mere +10. Can you imagine a +25 buff for any other stat besides Resolve? It would be ludicrously overpowered.
  14. Actually, Davriel, my original post also argued for divorcing ability damage and healing from Might on a mechanical level as well, not just because I hate muscle wizards. (Incidentally, I don't hate muscle wizards, if that is actually what they were. But muscle wizards did not actually fit the lore - again, see Concelhaut. Anyway, this is getting away from the point.) Again, I don't want to rewrite everything, but the short version was that Might affected too many things, and also percentage increases made it have way more of an impact on ability damage than it did on auto-attacks.
  15. I still have issues with dual-wielding being the better option the more recovery penalty from armor you have. Dual-wielding should favor light armors, while sword and shield or two-handers should favor heavy armor. I'd rework it so that Dual-wield gets a greater penalty from armor recovery than single-wield. I don't know if the math works out so that double the penalty would be enough, but that would be my starting point as it is pretty intuitive.
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