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  1. 2048 MB 3.23% -0.02% 3071 MB 2.48% +0.07% 4095 MB 1.82% +0.18% Now I don't feel so bad...
  2. Since the average game player buy a graphic card every other day this shouldn't be a problem then... System ram not video ram... I don't even know how old my video card is... I keep forgetting to get that info when I'm at home. IF the minimum is 4GB of memory, then 32bit OS can't run it. I'm sure they'd lower that or state different minimum for 32 bit system by time it is released.
  3. LOL, was just going to ask if it was just me, but seeing this term thrown around so often lately. Most of the time incorrectly. "Hey i don't like what you said, strawman..." "I disagree... your opinion suck you strawman" Maybe it just these forums...
  4. Man I always kill the frog without trying to do it peacefully... LOL its just a frog so never even thought to try...
  5. I recall Seven cities of gold... Palying Kaboom with my dad with the special atari controller that was like a dial... Pitfall, E.T. okay now I'm going to have nightmares
  6. So you are complaining that there is too much content for the early portion? Maybe the complaint should be that they make that content more fun j/k
  7. But regardless of whether it is released in February while they are playing the other game until April... It doesn't stop them from buying it in April, but if it is released in April it prevents me from playing it in February (I will be playing TW3 but anyway...) What they have no wishlist or really bad memory? I thought it just weird to want something delayed simply because they don't want to play two games at once or wait to play a game they bought until done with current one... Now The publisher take is another thing... Sales... (which in long run I don't think it'd have much effect unless they have a lot of people with the memory of gold fish and forget they wanted the game lol)
  8. I'm a long time admirer and supporter of Larian, I used to love Divine Divinity (dat name)-- but Divinity Original sin was not my cup of tea. It was embarrassingly linear and had an abysmal puzzle system, the towns (for it had no cities) were (although designed with great love and diligence) too small, and the number of merchants could be counted by one hand. Their engine and combat accomplishments however did deserve praise, even though it dragged on at times just because of how slow animations were. Can't speak for puzzle system yet only got to first town and around a bit... but the first town has around 10 people in it that are merchants (in main square there are seven I think), and those not designated as merchants can also be traded with... How many fingers do you have on one hand ??? :D
  9. I don't understand the people asking it to be pushed back to March or April because other games are coming out. I consider myself very low middle class... but if I am interested in a game I buy it. it doesn't change my bank account whether I buy it in Jan or in April, so if two games I plan on buying change to come out at the same time... I buy both Release it when it is ready :D I wish planescape torment would of delayed more, I think that it is the only game I wanted to play to the end but couldn't finish (I don't know why but every playthrough I hit the same game stopping bug... So I gave up...)
  10. Obsidian is th eone that agreed to the timeline and money to make game and didn't come thru by that allotment. they are solely to blame and even have admitted their mistake and said they'll do better next time.... As far as the patch goes it isn't Up to LA to get it out and give permission... The problem is they aren't accepting it because the bugs haven't been fixed yet. Thus Obsidian has to code some more and send them another patch to give permission that they actually fixed something but the problem is that they haven't fixed the main issues yet and thus no patch being accepted/released. How long will it take to get it right? I for one will not buy another obsidian game until gamer reviews come in again. I used to think Obsidian was a good game maker now.... with three new RPGs coming out soon I doubt I'll play kotor 2 again.
  11. I think just swords and such. If they did effect light sabers also it probably say in description. Like close combat says it also effect ranged weapons.
  12. Yep he bowed animation wise for me to when playing a LS Male, and that was even too much for my LS character I wanted a kill him option to witht he way he spoke afterwards....
  13. I've played several PC games before KOTOR series that had full voice overs, though I can't recall their names right now, but then I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday either... One in particular stick out in my mind and it had alot more to it than KOTOR and a lot more choice options and such. When I played it I thought "Cool, this is awesome." But KOTORs use of voice overs is limited in the since you mentioned above, they didn't want to pay to have non-common responses. Personnally I think they should of had a checkbox and VO to make aliens speak english. I know it is kinda neat to hear them speak but that wears off quickly and then you have to actually read :D
  14. No one is suppossed to be there You should though hear a phone like ring and upon answering the computer terminal in there you'll get told to go elsewhere..
  15. It more as to how you say it not what is said in this case. Though I found the lack of real difference annoying myself. If your light side kreia complains about your deeds if you're dark she... Well overall nothing is different just how they say it in very slight differences. Almost none of their dialogues cahnge whether they are light or dark. the whole light and dark side didn't seem to make as much difference in this game as the last one to me.
  16. You're right about that, I'm surprised that ATI is still in the business with nVidia selling 5-6% more video chips, these canadians shouldn't work with Microsoft and Nintendo for the next gen consoles just like SiS shouldn't provide quality chipsets for Intel because they are not as popular as VIA. Why isn't 6800 Ultra SLI much better than X850 XT PE ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ATI might sale alot off stuff and be praised a lot but strangley game makers tend to go nvidia only when making games. I noticed this and why I have always bought nvidia cards, and have NEVER had a game crap out on me due to video card. I hear every freakin game I look on forums that ATI people complianing it doesn't work, and that makes me glad I pay attention to whats going on in game makers trend. NVIDIA is almost always the card they program/test for thus no bugs for those who have nvidia. I wish this would change because the way I see it ATI is actually better/faster than the competing Nviadia models, and a lot of PC salers are giving only ATI options I'm going to buy a new top of the line soon and hope to get NVIDIA...
  17. Not true, I made some content for NWN and was making more before the promise of more custom animation slots to be added in next patch(which they lived up to). I moved onto other things while waiting, and actaully lost my model animation but... I made custom animation that allowed NWN characters to do umm things... and it looked pretty good in game, just script them to fire the custom animation after making them move to each other and... I'm sure kissing wouldn't be that hard after my experience with animation playing (and I never done such stuff before NWN). I'd love for games to be more adult oriented romantically (or sexually). Yes I'm a perv and proud of it. I just find it strange how games can show you cutting people heads off or other such violence but to show somwone kissing or worse gets frown upon here in the US
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