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  1. Hey, anyone else take a look at Star Wars Tales #24? (Also, #23 had a comic that relates to KoTOR1) Basically, there's nothing "new"... it just relates Visas' tale... from Katarr, to being saved by Nihilus. Though, you do get to see her without the veil... which is, admittedly, kind of freaky. We have our own artists here on the board... what do you think? I'd post up some scans, but I don't think that's legal...
  2. Ewww, like HK said, "I hate you and everything you stand for, but let's press our mucous covered lips together in the cargo hold!" Of course, KoTOR has a thing for damaged women... Bastila and Handmaiden with her mother, Juhani and Mira being abandoned/turned into slaves, Visas with the whole death of her entire race thing... yeesh.
  3. Aww, still waiting for the unannounced annoucement. :D
  4. I still like HK's little rant on Bastila... "I hate you and everything you stand for, but let's press our mucous covered lips together in the cargo hold!" I actually liked the Handmaiden/Visas thing.... of course, I always love the "love triangles". It's too bad their little confrontation at the end was cut.
  5. Har, nice. I guess she kept them, even though she hates Jedi and is ashamed of her parentage and all that.
  6. Petay's right, you can always get her to use her mother's robes. You're probably thinking of getting her to recite Echani poetry, which I understand only happens on the third playthrough just like the Atton line (depending on your gender). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Threadjacking here, but where do you find her mother's robes?
  7. I say Carth, because the cut DSF ending in KoTOR is so awesome and romantically mushy.
  8. I'm assuming it's an anthology... that title seems to be something that Eisu is working on/worked on.
  9. Well, from what I gather, they're releasing a KoTOR comic, but that's all I know.
  10. Aimo's "annoucement" that won't be announced.
  11. Eh, I use turbo all the time. I think it saves me at least a few hours by not having to run between areas slowly.
  12. Well, you're too "old" for her... and she doesn't want to make it a love... square?
  13. Now that's a strange glitch... know how you activiated it?
  14. You must have made a typo in the game itself. Again, THERE IS NO PROMPT. It is invisible. You press the key, type in the cheat, press enter. If it works, it works, if not, you made a typo.
  15. If you're playing a LSM character with high influence on Handmaiden and less influence on Visas, and you've completed the game at least three times, then Handmaiden tells you that Atris was indeed in love with you before you went off to fight in the Mandalorian War. You have the option to confirm that, or tell Handmaiden that "if I knew it, perhaps it could have become something". IIRC it was one of the dialog options in the cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk: "Tell me about Atris". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh yeah, you can choose, I suppose. I just figured the other options were more natural for some reason. Though, I wonder if your choice there has any real bearing on the game in the long run.
  16. Grrr... what IS this DVD everyone is talking about?!
  17. There is NO command prompt. Just press ` and then type in the cheat and then press enter. If nothing happens, either your ini isn't edited right or you made a typo. Try something easy like "turbo" (my favourite cheat) first to make sure.
  18. Or one with you getting eviscerated. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey, if Disciple and Atton can make out, why not Visas and Handmaiden? (Throw in some Bastila. )
  19. G0-T0... never used him ONCE. Boa-Dur is equally useless...
  20. What does the Cheat Node in KoTOR2 do? Is it still around in the PC version?
  21. Did Yuthara have a DS ending? I was under the impression that the only way you can stop from killing her is if he 'turn her' back to the light side.
  22. No, she appears before any of that happens... I think when you first enter the valley of the sith.
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