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  1. Yup... it's strange that Bastila wouldn't make an appearance if you say Revan is a LSF though.
  2. I think I recall someone finding a party member graphic for Atris in the game files. Can anyone confirm or deny, please? I am embarassed that I can't recall more fully, my apologies. Cloris <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That must have been early in the development stages... because otherwise, I don't see how she could be a party member and still be the one that draws you out and such... Unless, of course, Atris = Kreia, then I suppose anything is possible. As for the romance thing... it seems pretty clear that she has feelings for the male PC, but perhaps the feeling wasn't mutual.
  3. Oh yeah, right before Telos. I just remember the Disciple bit, and that was pretty... underwhelming.
  4. Yeah... when they say "last Jedi", it should probably be, "the last Jedi they know of"...
  5. I probably would have asked the same question if I didn't know the forum address. Seems strange that they could host the forum but not the website at that knights2end domain, but oh well...
  6. Well, the point is, all of them are minor Jedi... they'd have no reason to go to Katarr and aren't important enough to try to seek out, so... (But then again, if you're a male PC, you actually know, or at least heard of Jolee... at one point, he says Handmaiden is pulling a "Bindo").
  7. It's possible that she's "in hiding" with the rest of the (former) Jedi. It's just that she's not important enough for you to have met/sought out. Remember, at this point, your character is in Exile, so s/he wouldn't even know about Bastila. I mean, by the same token, where's Juhani? Jolee? Vandar? Given that they're barely mentioned (other than Jolee's robes), you gotta assume that they're in hiding as well. Of course, the most important part is that Kreia finds the Exile first, meaning she is probably the one that set Sion, if not Nihilus against him/her.
  8. Where is this mod? :D(*grabs*) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It should be up at www.pcgamemods.com I personally believe it's the best ending of KoTOR1... too bad it was cut, and not even considered for KoTOR2's plot.
  9. I think other people here have said that Atris was meant to become Traya if you made certain dialog choices, perhaps becoming corrupted by the Sith Holocrons/Kreia. Or, it's a "Fight Club" moment where Kreia and Atris are actually one and the same. Remember, Kreia does mention at one point that Atris walks the same path as she did, and during their confrontation on Telos, Kreia tells Atris that it's possible that she could be Traya. Now, what I don't get is this - is the destruction of Malanchor V supposed to be good or bad? Assuming that Boa-Dur's motives are "pure", then the answer is yes... but, it seems that the only male ending (that is cut) is him leaving either Visas or Handmaiden behind to train the "others" that will come to Malanchor... What's confusing me is that the female Exile gets the "Atton flies with her off to the outer rim" ending, implying that the "good" ending is the destruction of Malanchor V... So, I'm just confused about that. I suppose that could be a dark male Exile ending (ala DS Revan and Bastila), but what is supposed to be the ls male ending then? Blerg. Also, it's not clear what Kreia achieves by getting the Exile to kill her... I mean... maybe if you're female, killing Kreia means you become the next Darth Traya... but what does that mean if you're male? How does her death fulfill the "death of the Force", which is what she so desperately seeks? I mean, drawing that out even more... how does following Revan's path mean the death of the Force? How does staying on Malanchor V mean the death of the Force? THen there's the other side plots - why is G0-T0 so intent on saving Malanchor V? Why would it's destruction destabilize the Republic? Anyhoo... I think whoever does KoTOR3 is pretty much screwed. I mean, there's no way you're going to get away with a simple dialog tree that lets you pick a DS/LS Revan/Exile, because there are just way too many things to consider. They're going to have to pick one ending and go with it, ala Jedi Knight.
  10. Erm, comparing the game to the Matrix sequels might not work in your favour... Anyhoo, I think the second game definitely had the "grittier" story - introducing Kreia's "atheism" or whatever you want to call it was pretty interesting. (It would be like the Pope telling Catholics to stop believing in God.) But man, that ending was horrible. I think I would have went insane were it not for the good people who went through the dialog files and created those .wav compilations.
  11. its when you and visas "look upon" each other with teh force so... yeah.... force sex..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hrm, when does that happen? During the normal dialogue with enough influence? Or somewhere else?
  12. Wait... didn't the Ebon Hawk show up because T3 managed to track down the Exile? Carth/Bastila tells him (it?) to find other Jedi to get help...
  13. Yup, I figured that out... still, didn't want to replay Telos again just to see it... ah well.
  14. What's this force sex thing I keep hearing about?
  15. Actually, there's a file in there with Atris talking about her "bond with the exile" to Visas (907904KREIA212.wav) - makes me wonder if there was supposed to be a possible Keyser Soze moment where we find out Atris/Kreia are the same person or something. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mean, sort of like "Fight Club"? :D Still, that would have been a nice ending to have... wonder if the restoration people plan on putting that back in?
  16. Umm... the pacifist package you get from Geeda after you clear the trade routes with Dantooine and Onderon. You get a piece from the HK-50 on Peragus, and another from the HK-50 at the Telos polar cap. I have a feeling that you get the other two parts from HK's on the other planets, but I can't remember.
  17. Has anyone noticed that, in the 904 and 907 folders in StreamVoice, it has the voice actors for Kreia and Atris saying the exact same lines in response to the planning of the sidekicks? ex: \StreamVoice\904\904KREIA\904904KREIA017.wav vs. \StreamVoice\907\904KREIA\907904KREIA210.wav I kinda suspect Atris was supposed to be much more integrated into the endgame. Since this is my first post and since I grabbed Kotor 2 later than most and the disappointment is still fresh in my mind, I'll go ahead and toss in my "Arggh!" to the chorus of people that were disappointed in the Kotor 2 endgame and believe it was seriously botched and painted over with wall-to-wall combat. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I just finished it and for some reason, I get the feeling that Atris might kill Kreia and become Traya at the end. That would have been interesting.
  18. I was looking for the Handmaiden files because I couldn't get it to activate in game. They are files: GBLHANDMAIDEN131.wav and GBLHANDMAIDEN132.wav (In the GBL/Handmaiden folder) "Personal Shields, I love you so... crafting you and fighting with you exhilerates me." "You are the main focus of my life... except for me melee weapons and my armour, I love you so." Cute.
  19. Hey guys, I'm not sure if it's okay to ask for save games or such, so please close if necessary. I did a bit of reading and noticed that to see the Bastilla Holocron, you need to set Revan to be DS back on Peragus... But, I really, really, don't feel like playing through Peragus all over again just to watch a small video. So, I was just wondering if anyone had a save game where they set Revan to be DS and were finished Telos/near Korriban? Thanks a bunch.
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