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  1. I also get this when fighting the wolves immediately south of the starting point for Dyrwood Forest; the prone sound seems to play multiple times when paused.
  2. Okay, so the basic idea is that you're defining pre-set modes for use in combat, When you select a mode, your Chanter will use each phrase one after another in a loop. So, a very basic set up is to have Mode A be a single phrase. Your Chanter will use that phrase over and over until you select a different mode. Alternatively, you could have Mode B alternate between two phrases by going Phrase 1, Phrase 2. So you'll use the first phrase, then the second, then the first, then the second, and so-forth. After X amount of phrases, you can use your invocation. Honestly, I'm not sold on multip
  3. Played for a couple of hours now - it was longer than I thought, which is always a good sign! My one big GUI nitpick is that highlighting doesn't seem to show enemy loot on the ground and the icons themselves blend in a little too much. Simple fix, make highlighting highlight loot. My one big mechanical nitpick is that your party dies when your main character dies. I didn't have a problem with it in some of the fights leading up to the cave, but then my main character (paladin) got knocked out in two or three quick hits and it was game over even though the rest of my party was fine.
  4. If you hit 1-6, you'll select whatever character is in that slot. With that in mind, I immediately remapped "Select All" to the tilde.
  5. Flames of Devotion lists +10000% burn damage on hit. I assume this is supposed to be +100%, as stated in the more verbose description.
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