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  1. Wow, this thread turned into a real cluster f*ck.
  2. I'm going to have to choose ROTJ. I loved the battle of Endor.
  3. Definitely Lance Armstrong. That guy has a lot of heart and I hope he wins the Tour de France again. This is his 7th time in it, right?
  4. Hooah! America rocks! (w00t)
  5. If you want out then leave. No one is stopping you. And how can you hate this country that much?
  6. Um, The United States of America isn't a continent. It is a portion of the continent North America.
  7. No, but you should always capitalize the name of a country. It's just proper writing. As for the other part of your post, you are thinking of the War Powers Resolution. I was starting to question your use of The Wars Power Act in your previous post. It didn't sound like the right one. The War Powers Act was used to define, regulate, and punish trading with the enemy, and for other purposes. And Bush did not need an official declaration of war to be in Iraq this long. Congress passed a resolution authorizing the use of force, and that's all he needed.
  8. There was no official declaration of war, thus it is not a war. It was deemed a military action. And Bush only got 49% of the popular vote, but we use the electoral college here, you should know that. And who said we were bringing Christianity to Iraq? I must have missed that in one of his speeches And in response to that United Empire of America (try capitalizing America next time):
  9. Actually, the UN did send weapon inspectors (Hans Blix was one of them) to check if Iraq indeed had 'WEAPONZ 0F MASS DESTRUXTION' but they only got a few months to search an entire nation (and Iraq isn't small). When they couldn't find any, the american government resided to calling Hans and his team liars and (basically) wimps. About a year after invading, the US government admitted that they too never found any WMD's. Nice, huh? Apparently they're STILL searching: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/12/wmd.search/ "Despite intensive searches, no banned Iraqi weapons were found after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime." Uh.. anyhow.. Happy Birthday to the non-arrogant and non-ignorant part of the american population! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I guarantee if we had gone in during the first Gulf War we would have found those WMD's. Saddam had plenty of time to get them out of country, hide them, or dispose of them. And if he is so innocent, why did he kick out the UN weapon inspectors so many years ago? Perhaps he was afraid that they might find something? And I just love how everyone is so quick to point out the flaws in the U.S. I bet if I did a google search, I could find tons of sh*t on your nations to point out. No country is perfect. And is that comment of yours suggesting that we are all ignorant and arrogant? Because that's the biggest piece of bullsh*t I have ever heard. I'm in a really bad mood right now Oh, and I love this one: Oh, ok there. Lets just negotiate with the terrorists. That will work well. Because we all know how terrorists like to be peaceful when it comes to negotiations From what I can ascertain, your anti-war. But guess what. You ready for it? War is sometimes necessary. Sometimes peace must be attained with the bayonet instead of the olive branch. Sad, but true. Deal with it.
  10. I seem to recall one American general after desert storm saying now we are 1-1-1. Which translated means lost one, drew one and won one. not admiting you lost vietnam would seem more dellusional than factual, but then I'm not an American. (none of those figures refer to any of the world wars). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Vietnam wasn't considered a war, but ironically it is referred to as the Vietnam War. It was actually deemed as a "military action".
  11. That's actually technically true. We have never openly admitted defeat in a war, so we've technically never lost a war. Many have said that we lost the Vietnam War, but all we really did was pull out. We have never signed a declaration of defeat. If we had lost a war, we wouldn't be saluting like this: If we were defeated in a war, we would salute like this:
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) And let us not forget those who have fought and died to take down those who would threaten freedom and the American way of life. We would not have what we have today were it not for their actions and sacrifices. You will always be remembered for your bravery and courage. Hooah! GOD BLESS THE USA
  13. Another thing that I would do is allow the makers of The Punisher to have more money so they could restore the movie to its original version. I have to say that it was an outstanding movie, especially considering the limited budget that the team had to work with. I think they were given somewhere around $20 million, when most movies cost around $90 million to make.
  14. I don't know. But at least most war games provide some educational value. Like the MOH series. Someone with poor knowledge on the events of World War 2 could pick up that game and learn something from it. And war games allow you to relive the events to give you an understanding of what kind of hell those Soldiers had to endure. This game however just shows you what it's like to assassinate a President.
  15. The game is completely disrespectful.
  16. Don't worry, we won't. We'll save that for another day and another thread And Oerwinde, I think Starscream would sound great for a cat name And Inferno was a decepticon from Beastwars, so that one is still open
  17. I didn't name any of them. My parents named Copy and Phantom. We got Phantom after my parents had seen the Phantom of the Opera for the 2nd time, and named her Phantom because they thought it looked like she had a mask covering one side of her face. Copy they named copy because she's all symmetrical. All her markings are the same on both sides of her body, and Kitten we just called kitten because she was the only one of Phantom's kittens we couldn't think of a name for. We thought of Ripple like 2 or 3 months later, but it never stuck because we had been calling her Kitten for 2-3 months. They're all at my parents house, and my apartment doesn't allow pets. When I get a cat of my own I want to name it either Apocalypse, Devastator, or Megatron. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What about Optimus? Or Inferno?
  18. She looked good in 80 and early 90. Nice set of... um... lungs. Very important for a singer to have good lungs, yes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's sort of like Britney Spears. She used to be hot for a year or so, but then her career made her look like a nasty tramp.
  19. I'll join the Jedi religion. But first I want an operational lightsaber.
  20. A game that re-enacts the JFK shooting? That's pretty f*cking sick.
  21. I have a question for other cat owners out there. Are your cats quirky? Mine only drinks water out of glasses instead of her water bowl. She thinks that she's human :D
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