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  1. That tv series was the bomb. I especially love the parts with the Army. :D
  2. I've always wanted to fire one of these
  3. I'm currently reading In the Company of Heroes. It's about CW4 Michael Durant's capture at Mogadishu. It's pretty interesting.
  4. Well, no matter what anyone says I'll always believe in God.
  5. We'll leave Iraq when we leave Iraq. I just hope I get the chance to go over there and help out before we do.
  6. Here's the SCAR (Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Rifle). It will be used by all SOCOM forces, which includes Rangers. That means I might be getting the chance to use one of these in the near future (w00t) This is the SCAR-L, which fires 5.56mm ammunition: This is the SCAR-H, which fires 7.62mm ammunition:
  7. Hmm, well I'm a dirty nasty cheater. So I downloaded the easy swoop racing mod. I'm sorry that sneeze caused you to have an accident. That actually almost happened to me a few times. Damn sneezes come out of nowhere :D
  8. My New Year's resolution is to read more. Just have to find a good book series to jump into. Also to beat my previous PT test scores. So how about you guys?
  9. I always liked the design of the F-117.
  10. Here is my favorite pistol of all time: The Colt 45 I heard the Army may be switching back to using these instead of the M9. I can only hope.
  11. Here's a fun one. The MK19 40mm grenade launcher:
  12. Merry Christmas, especially to those serving overseas.
  13. It's also worthless in the desert. Remember that if you get stuck with one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> just wondering... why is it worthless in the desert? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It jams. It jams early and it jams often. And since you have to take the thing halfway apart to clear one... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As long as you keep short controlled bursts, it usually doesn't jam. Unless you get a lot of crap in there like sand, you should be fine. But I agree, they are a b*tch to get cleared out of a jam. The M240B's are worse though in my opinion. Here's a picture of one: The funny thing about these is that if you fire too many rounds within a certain period of time, the barrel will get so hot that it will actually melt. We had that happen during FTX when one of the machinegunners was laying down suppressing fire. So what you have to do is periodically swap out the barrel when putting down heavy fire for an extended period of time.
  14. Your space station is no match for my pet!
  15. Here's what I used during basic: The M16A4 with M68 CCO. Minus the vertical grip of course. Damn that would have been sweet if we could have used those :D
  16. Now for my WW2 favorites: The M1A1 Thompson And the M1 Garand Beautiful, aren't they
  17. Well, I know the "make your own ice cream" trick. Does that make me a scientist? :D I think that chemistry is my favorite branch of science. Nothing like playing with chemicals and bunsen burners
  18. I bet this could beat you Hind: The AH-64D Apache
  19. Here's the M249 SAW: It's a b*tch to carry over long distances though
  20. It's a Colt. If you look at the magazine well, you'll see the distinct Colt horse symbol.
  21. Alrighty then, I've decided to start up my old weapon thread again. Pretty much anything goes; vehicles, aircraft, you name it. So start posting your favorites. Here's one of my favorites: The M4 carbine. And even though it is not shown in the picture, I would preferably have an M68 sight mounted on it.
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