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  1. The game is overrated when you consider a few things: How many 10s it has on Metacritic (I don't rate most my favorite games 10, not sure about others) Many reviews, especially on Steam, were rated by people who didn't even fishing the game. Some are Alpha reviews. Too many pro and amateur reviewers have compared the game to Baldur's gate. That is mis-rated and misleading, if not overrated. Few people have the background to review objectively, and some who do fail anyway. That said... D:OS deserves high marks in many areas -- and if you love or like the game ratings don't matter. But as with many games, unfortunately too many people rely on ratings and social media thumbs up. Another problem, is that most the raters fit a particular demographic that do not necessarily represent the plurality of current/potential buyers. Most of us know that ratings are skewed and subject to heavy bias but unfortunately that isn't the case for the average consumer. I really don't have a problem with the overall ratings on the game (not the 10s), because I think most people get their money out of it regardless. Most complaints are post 30-40 hours play, it seems (other than some early-play adaption). Additionally, I hope Larian makes a killing off the game and is inspired to improve on this foundation as well as draw more quality developers to the genre. Same goes for Obsidian (please turn out a 9.5 gave, please :D I like it. I give it 7.5-8.0 all things considered, even if my experience was closer to 6.5-7. I recognize that I have expectations others may not. Heck, I even like DA 2, when not comparing it to Origins, and the gaming world tells me I'm wrong for that. Ratings -- pfft. If it were not for the consumer havoc it causes and misappropriated funds, I wouldn't care. Besides, KOTOR 2 (closely followed by NWN/BG et al) is the best game-to-date so there can't be more than one.
  2. Sorry, I had some browser issues and couldn't reconnect until now but had this correction: "There are enough shouting matches and e-peen arguments on the STEAM D:OS forum" -- not the regular forum. I just didn't want to slight the fellow Larianites here or elsewhere, while Steam is just being Steam.
  3. P.S. You all made up while I was typing. lol There are enough shouting matches and e-peen arguments on the D:OS forum and I'm glad to see they are nixed here. Eternity will be subject to some of the same extreme biases and inflated expectations unfortunately due to the lack of good (modernized) classic-style RPGs. And I am not anxious to see the nearly inevitable flame wars comparing the two, when there is plenty of room in the world for both games and then some. Though with any luck I'll be too busy enjoying PoE or other up-and-comings to notice. That said, I agree with Vold and do not believe gameplay hours invalidate an opinion or observation. I know I've mindlessly droned though games before that I felt were mostly average. (Not that I thought D:OS was mindless but it just wasn't an A+ experience for me). In the end, most of this is just opinion not worth getting hyped over (translation: I am right agree with me or else.).
  4. I was a bit lost at the character screen and have to nix my tendency to want perfect characters form a new game. Plus there is so much foreign lore and terms to take in. I mean I have the TES and BG/NWN practically memorized and I know I had to start somewhere but for some reason it seems a bit overwhelming now (no one say age *cough*) --in part being out of context at this starting level. So I build a cleric and failed the first convo check and took a short look around. The world is beautiful but I didn't even know what (quest term) (sp)? meant (had a hunch) so I just thought I'd wait until I can do more reading. Plus it sounds like the next patch is quite anticipated. So I'm probably going to wait to play. Also, I want to read the spells and such in a more friendly format before rushing into combat since we start at level 5 with quite a bit. It might just be easier for me to start at LV 1 when the time comes and get to know my build/character/world. Other than that the world is beautiful and I get a sense of depth from crafting and character building I haven't seen the likes of in some time, if at all. The dialog is unique (in my limited experience -- was totally not expecting the word lol, but something more subtle like in BG) and I LOVE the adjustable font. If I were to have more children I would name them after the responsible Obsidian Dev, just for this. Maybe puppies then. Then again, I probably won't be able to keep my nose out of PoE and will scour Youtube, wikis and such. Very excited about the game. I hear the combat is hard but I hope manageable for me when the time comes. Only complaint: I don't like the small characters in the creation screen. It reminds me from the get-go I'm playing with miniatures. I would prefer them larger/taller or even as avatars. like in NWN/BG. With larger monitors now and more realistic characters it is just more jarring to me even if the quality is better than years prior. Minor or not, it left an impression -- such I mention it.
  5. I like that portrait! Do you have a source for it? I may use it for the game.

    1. Sondai


      I got it originally for ESO as I think it is a Breton. But here is the linky


    2. Sondai


      While avatars generally fall under Fair Usage terms, you might need to get permission from the author to use it in a game unless it's just for personal use. Just saying. I don't know if you mean playing or modding or creating one. :)

  6. Auto-update is demon spawn. My PoE key will be used at GOG, me thinks, just in case gremlins decide to turn it back on.
  7. If anyone is interested in an informal review from an avid Obsidian and Neverwinter Nights/Baldur's Gate/Kotor fan then feel free to look here. http://steamcommunity.com/id/raubrey/recommended/230230/ No spoilers and I am a tad critical, but as fair as my bias and journalistic background would allow. I may or may not represent the majority -- but this was written after many hours of discussion and debate with other D:OS players and months on the forum overall. So for those on the fence or otherwise...here goes. P.S. I am also curious if other BG/NWN fans feel similar that D:OS is good per se, but not great, namely for the reasons I listed or otherwise. Though after 22 pages, not sure if most are all talked out about it.
  8. Why do people care if people cheat themselves, if that is even what it is. Games are broken when they are designed around what (some) people do in their own free-time with a game they paid for. No one forces you (the player) to level up and this isn't a Pen & Paper game. Not to be rude, but I don't even see why this is an issue of concern.
  9. I think some people are going to quickly find it is much better to wait until release to play the game. I may be one such person, though it is hard to wait. I understand (mostly) why Obsidian has the Beta starting with a non-starting-level character and full party and appreciate the low-spoiler content and abilities; but I also find this setup difficult to start with. I'd rather learn the classes, stats and abilities gradually (I'm rather overwhelmed now) and I love the beginning of games where you're on your own, weak as a fish and anxiously looking to find, pick and/or choose your companions (as well these are generic) to be battle-ready. Even playing with 1-2 companions would be highly preferable. (Not to mention the lack of context and the lore/jargon to consider). I think what I"ll do, besides a lot of reading, is mostly just take it slow and presumably learn more as I expectantly die a lot, repeat battles, and try new tactics.
  10. Well, I suppose there is help for that. Seriously, I haven't had that problem as I don't watch my leveling that closely. Conversely, when it does happen, it feels like a wonderful surprise gift complete with an audible "Yay!" and an occasional, but exhilarating, "Hee, hee evil OP mini-boss, you thought I was going to die huh? ("So did I" *mumble*) Psyche."
  11. I like cheese, so level up anytime + free heal. (whew saved me a couple times and you still have to rest for new spells etc.) And of course, if you don't want to level up during combat, one can choose not to do so. I thought both NWN 1-2 and Baldur's Gate allowed leveling during combat...though my memory is more fuzzy on the latter.
  12. Hair is always important. As are eyebrows ^^ For role-playing or otherwise, they are somewhat definitive (says this former, once-upon-a-time, cosmetologist). That said, for the most part, I care more about what the avatars look like in this particular game, me thinks. While the graphics are beautiful, I am not loving the 3D models during character creation. It could be an adjustment issue from old-school games I still play. I found the ones in Divinity Original Sin were a bit stark as well, though more appealing to my eye. Then again... after character creation I don't look at them much.
  13. It would seem so. Evidently, the survey answers from the backer portal do not (always, at least...) get passed straight along to the forum mods here. Worry not, though. If you post it, they will come... (We'll get you situated, ^_^) I can vouch for this as I changed my name from my pledge entry, and Lephys has been most helpful and prompt in sorting my change of heart; and there was no delay here with the poor guy tasked with manually adding the names. If only service were this good ....well, most anywhere.
  14. I see. Thank you very much for the information. It's good to know too that it is low-spoiler content.
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