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  1. That's not a real monk, he did not got hit once, yet look at all the powers he used....
  2. Why does the topic ask if the game is good, yet the poll question asks if we got hosed? The game is great, one of the best real RPG's to come out in the last 10 years. It needs some polish, but if you really are a fan of RPG's this is about the best you can find since maybe skyrim. But this is more or an RPG than even Skyrim.
  3. On my products page I see listed Pillars of Eternity - Expansion Pack 1 and when expanded it says: *** Not yet available *** Now that Pillars of Eternity has shipped, we're hard at work on the first expansion. Stay tuned for an upcoming backer update on release date details! The first expansion pack for Pillars of Eternity. Developed by: Obsidian Entertainment Hopefully, Elithranduil is right and we'll still get both parts.
  4. I have not played a monk though I like the idea of monks. To me, a monk class is all about dodging and avoiding damage. I think they should have a really high deflection, when unarmoured and if skills must be based on something other than times per encounter, it should be on damage done and not wounds...it just seems backyards they way they do it. :/
  5. What bugs me the most, is that in July I paid almost 2 times more for the game then what someone a week ago could pay for it on steam. I thought this would give me perks, like the DRM free CD, a way to patch it, and some how I would be more valuable to the obsidian folks than someone that picked up the game right after release, and did not spend the time and money to help back the game early on. And there are a lot of people who are waiting for the patch that paid a lot more, and have waited and followed longer than I have...it's bad to shaft the backers that helped you fund the game well
  6. The site just about crashed from us all simply trying to generate our keys at the same time; I doubt they're currently set up to handle patch distribution too. I guess, but technically I should not be worrying about steam or GoG, since I paid a little extra to get a DRM free CD. I don't really mind waiting all that much, other than I paid $70, much more than I usually pay for games, because this game was awesome...and so far I have no boxed copy, and no patch, where as people that paid half what I did through steam are able to play a patched game.
  7. I guess my question would be if there is a patch file that was sent to GoG, why can't the devs just throw a link to a copy of that file on the pillars of eternity site for us to download? or even slip it into our products page?
  8. I think this will add replayability, go through with a new character with different skills and see what happens. I am not sure how many I have used, I have both hidden options turned off as well as the tags that show what unlocks them. If this is anything like arcanum, BG or even IWD I will replay many times with all sorts of party, and main character combos. and it is nice not to be spoiled and see what happens. I already played through the first few areas with 2 different characters and had a different outcome happen.
  9. One thing I always love to do in cRPGs is to find unigue builds that are fun and work. Many games feel like there is just one build that works, but a great RPG will let you build your own way and be viable and have fun. One character I try to build, and usually it fails miserably, is a dual wielding light weapon, lightly armoured fighter. Usually it just doesn't get the damage output and they die since they can't take damage. Today I was bored with my last character and know more about the game mechanics so I started over and bumped the difficulty up to hard. I made a wood elvish ba
  10. This is an odd bug...I had actually played through a fair bit of the game just fine, and then today, made a new character and buffed the difficulty and then hit this bug. I wonder why it worked fine the first playthrough? At least you all found a fix for it
  11. I have most my party using melee, but i have a Priest and an Chanter that I made that are kind of squishy. I started switching them to ranged in tough fights or when thier health gets low, and I don't want to sleep. They do quite well, especally the priest who has a crossbow. I have been thinking in a future run to try a more dedicated ranged class, I'm sure with the right stats and tallents they would do great, especally with a good pet or tank party member to keep enemies busy. And they would be really good if you have a caster in the back with some other allies keeping your melee cha
  12. I agree, a map would be good. There are clues as to where things are in the descriptions of the cultures, but a map would be better.
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