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Any good unconvintional builds?

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One thing I always love to do in cRPGs is to find unigue builds that are fun and work.  Many games feel like there is just one build that works, but a great RPG will let you build your own way and be viable and have fun.


One character I try to build, and usually it fails miserably, is a dual wielding light weapon, lightly armoured fighter.  Usually it just doesn't get the damage output and they die since they can't take damage.


Today I was bored with my last character and know more about the game mechanics so I started over and bumped the difficulty up to hard.  I made a wood elvish barbarian dual wielding hatchets.


mig 16

con 14

dex 17

per 12

int 8

res 11


Even though the race is bad for the class, and I have really high dex for a barbarian, but low con, might, and int, she surviving much better on hard than my high con, might and 14 int 2h sword barbarian was on normal difficulty.  The hatchets give +10 deflection and attack fast, especially in hide armour, allowing her to tank a bit for tough opponents and then frenzy weaker ones.


It would be great to see if others have come up with other builds that shouldn't work but are working and having fun with them.

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^Sadly the per rest limit and how camping works really destroyed any chance for real build diversity on Wiz/Druids. 


I could see amazing tank, melee dps, and ranged dps (guns) builds for both classes via their plethora of amazing self-buff spells ......but the spells/rest system simply doesn't allow it to be feasible.  You'd only be able to use your build 4 times before having to rest. Terrible.


I'm hoping for mods tho.

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I have an Aumaua Rogue running around in heavy armor using a two-handed sword.  He's just 3rd level, and it is only on normal difficulty, but he seems fun and effective.


M 20

C 4

D 15

P 18

I 3



His defenses are pretty good and the heavy armor cuts down on the damage he takes, so I get away with the low Con - at least for now.  He definitely isn't in front of the party, though.  I fear for him if an enemy Druid ever casts Stag's Horn in his direction.


There doesn't seem to be a significant change in the dialog options to reflect his low Int, so I'm having him pick Aggressive and Passionate dialog options to reflect the fact that he acts without thinking.  In other words, he isn't unintelligent so much as rash, impulsive, and impatient.

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