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  1. So are you guys recommending arming monks with weapons? Dual wield, or going barefisted? I'm using a Monk as companion with a barefisted approach - purely a DPS pummeler - and it's working fine, but I feel like I'm not getting the most out of her. Thanks!
  2. I've read the wiki and understand the basics of this system, but now that I've rolled a follower of Wael and the game has notified me of an earned Disposition point, where is that 'stat' listed? Where can I review my current rep/disposition, or is it hidden? I'm not going to micromanage my responses and actions, but I'd like to see over time how my choices affect Disposition, especially since my character is a Priest and some skills/spells are reliant upon this metric.
  3. I should be streaming in a day or two, once I get a couple days free from work and family. Appreciate the follow! http://www.twitch.tv/natkato
  4. Confirmed - Steam still shows only the Pre-Load button, which leads to where you'd expect. Nowhere.
  5. Shaper of Classes is where I'm most excited. I've always hated certain classes because of the pigeonholes they had to fit into in order to be effective. Now, I can truly roll the crazy characters in my head. I'm still unsure of whether I want to turn on/off the dialogue notifications when a certain option is unavailable due to skill/whatever. I like knowing the depth of a conversation and what options exist, but I also like going through the game unaware of what options might be there in a second playthrough. It's good to have these choices.
  6. The difference for me is that the more early-release streams I watch, the more excited I get. The worst thing about this unlock time is that it's going to severely affect my work ethic.
  7. The reality of it is, even though we're all anxious to get our backer keys and then activate them, confident we'll be able to download and install as soon as possible, Obsidian knows we need the keys before release on Thursday. They've stated as such. It's Tuesday, and they have time. So let's give them time, yeah? Our faith extends that far, surely?
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