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  1. The sidekicks portraits kick ass, and so do Maia Rua and Serafen. Do you know if the Big 3's portraits (Eder, Aloth, Pallegina) are works in progress? So far they lack the "personality" of their POE1 counterparts IMHO.
  2. Ydwin still a sidekick: "Ydwin is currently a base cipher and/or base rogue, but two of the other sidekicks do have subclasses." https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/165191293231/hi-josh-i-was-wodnering-if-all-companions-will
  3. Yeah not a fan of The Beckoner either, sounds a little too much like someone looked up synonyms for "summon" and plugged it right in. Why not The Recaller or The Assembler?
  4. I'm going to take a guess and say about 3-4 minutes of in-game footage with commentary.
  5. Reminds me (since IIRC, Cavaliers in AD&D 2nd Edition tabletop had a mount/steed), when are we ever going to have horses to ride in a game like this, or even a pack pony to haul our sh*t around instead of a magic party chest.
  6. I wonder if it gets to fly at some point or rest on Maia's shoulder, it'll get tired of hopping everywhere the party goes.
  7. Back in the day, that was a major gripe about BG1 and that they "fixed" for BG2, a lot of wilderness areas where there was little or no content. That was a plus for me, I love wandering the woods and then suddenly running into a ogre, or traveling merchant, or finding a random item hidden in a tree stump.
  8. 15 minutes into the next #Deadfire Q&A Twitch Stream: "Does anyone have any questions that don't deal with Ydwin?"
  9. There's some cool stuff in the Josh Sawyer's Tweets and Teasers thread to tie you over. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92515-josh-sawyers-tweets-and-teasers/
  10. Never knew that she could in the first one. Given that its been stated that Pallegina's order (five sun's) is a unique subclass only useable by her I am fairly confident that it is subclass specific. Which means we should see similar things with (at very least) the other paladin orders and potentially with others. There's a couple of good game guides online to poke around on, here's the one on Paladins. It lists Pallegina's special Abilities including that one. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Paladin Frermàs mes Canc Suolias (Pallegina only) Vielo Vidòrio - When the
  11. I posted the fan art for Hiravias as a goof as I didn't see his in-game imagery as anime.
  12. I find her less anime looking than Pallegina and Hiravias were in PoE 1... credit: http://bbmmn.deviantart.com/art/Hiravias-617105190
  13. It's not any one thing, it's the combination of pixie haircut, elf ears, spectacles, and short skirt.
  14. Since you're here can you confirm that Xoti still has her sickle and shield lantern and that the last comment made on Fig officially about her dual wielding scythes was a mistake? Thanks in advance.
  15. Exactly what these problems are seems to vary significantly based on who's explaining them. But to clarify, in the post you've quoted I'm not asserting that Ydwin and Xoti would be considered anime-esque for the same reasons; one of the few points of agreement on this subject thus far is that there are plenty of possible reasons for making anime comparisons, even if there's far less agreement about the validity of these reasons. Dual wielding normally two-handed weapons like scythes, as suggested by the "akimbo scythes" description, would seem fairly likely to elicit anime compa
  16. The anime "problems" with Ydwin aren't weapon based though, her wielding a rapier is fine unless it was 2-3 times her normal size ala Final Fantasy or something. Duel wielding has been a Dungeons & Dragons trope forever.
  17. She does look a bit like a typical anime schoolgirl, or maybe a bit like Sailor Moon? Though TBH, I'm not sure where the anime accusations are coming from. We'd have to ask those who originally started the whole 'Ydwin is anime' thing to know for sure. This. It's not so much the rapier and elf ears as it's the bookish spectacles and Gothic Lolita outfit. It's one pair of leggings removal away from Sailor Moon for sure. I'm no stranger to anime, but I didn't see the anime aspects in Ydwin until all of the "weeaboos" crawled out of the shadows and started blowing kisses at her. Now
  18. Belt buckler looks kind of like an interpretation of Ondra's symbol, too.
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