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  1. The dialogue option with Lord Harond that requires 14 Intellect and 4 Lore works even though my character only has 9 Intellect (and 5 Lore).
  2. Maybe Swedish is just a horrible language, it seems everyone else loves their localizations but us Swedes.
  3. I'm pretty sure adding colours is not very difficult to do, so it's not that unlikely that there will be more of them in the full version.
  4. Leveling up based on xp you get for random things and then getting to put points into whatever makes no sense either. If they wanted it realistic they should've done it like the Elder Scrolls where you level up your skills by actually using them.
  5. Surprising that people aren't talking about this feature more. It's really nifty. The IE games didn't offer this. You could turn on To-hit rolls in the settings, but that's all you'd get. This system offers far more information, along with the added bonus that it's hidden by default, and visible if you mouse over the specific line in the combat log. That's brilliant. They really need to make it a toggle or make it so you need to hold a button for it to appear though, scrolling through the combat log with every line changing when you mouse over it is really annoying.
  6. Yes, a lot of the UI seems really small, and it seems like one of the reasons for this is that it's made for 720p resolution and it stays the same size in higher resolutions. I don't know if they're going to fix this, but I sure hope they do.
  7. Tales of the sword coast is an expansion, it doesn't count as a full game. Not that it matters in any way.
  8. Fourth, actually. (Icewind Dale 2 was the fifth)
  9. I prefer the portraits at the bottom, but being able to choose where to put them would be nice.
  10. Well, now's as good a time as any to go play those games so you know what everyone is talking about.
  11. I like the IWD2 icons too, but I don't think they really fit in this game.
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