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  1. Booting up a new Planescape file made me realize some little things I'd like to suggest for PoE: More interactable containers. It feels as if a majority of the crates and barrels around town are just static, and makes things feel more lifeless, I suppose. I think even empty ones make the game world feel more "full." (I think I recall seeing this next suggestion elsewhere on the forums, but regardless.) When talking to random villagers, the dialogue screen should pop up, instead of floating text. We consciously clicked on them, we want to hear what they have to say. Floating text should be reserved for conversations between npcs and the like, I feel. It's not like in New Vegas, where we have the really jarring effect of the screen zooming in on a random npc's face just to have it zoom out seconds after. Some people may disagree with this one. But I enjoy locked chests in homes or shops, things to get in trouble for taking. I know pickpocketing's out, but some form of thievery outside of straight-up murdering someone would be nice.
  2. I second that, 1 talent/3 levels just feels bare. It's alright in Fallout, as you have control over every aspect of your character. As it is now, too much is defined by class for that to feel satisfying.
  3. I have to disagree with you there. With your suggestion, I think they look really boring. I think they should stick with their original design, the new races in PoE are weird, and I like that.
  4. Just to clarify: I think the stealth system as it is now is pretty neat, though I agree that individual stealth should be a thing. And in regards to the stealth circles, I have no problem with them whatsoever, and their current art doesn't even bother me that much. If there is an option for them to be on/off, I'll probably keep them on for my first couple of playthroughs. I was thinking that once people were maybe more familiar with the system, they could turn it off, similar to how one can turn off the circles with AoE attacks. Just another setting for Expert mode to test someone's skill or knowledge with the game's systems, as I believe it would be wholly possible once one knows their way around things. I believe at some point, a player would be able to guess how far their stealth range is, just as people know how large their AoE attacks are. For me, it's not about immersion or anything of the sort. As someone who is going to be doing quite a bit of stealth in this game, I'd like the option to add a little bit more difficulty to it.
  5. I mean, maybe, yeah. Stealth was doable in the Fallout games, and those didn't have any stealth circle things. Then again, the stealth systems in those probably had different mechanics behind them
  6. While I don't mind the stealth circles all that much, there should be a setting that goes along with Expert mode that turns them off.
  7. Just how customizable will classes be in the full game? It seems like fighters and rogues have an awfully linear progression, with there not being much to differentiate between characters of the same class. I'm aware talents are limited in the beta, and are said to provide that extra bit of customization, but something like a choice of abilities for these classes would be nice.
  8. I bought a new adventurer at the inn, a ranger with a bear companion, but his bear never appeared. It should be noted that the file was loaded from a previous save, so I tried it out on a new file and it worked there. (Oops, messed up on the tag.)
  9. When I tried a solo-rogue-pacifist run, I managed to use the Escape skill to teleport through the spiders guarding the entrance to the ogre's cave. After talking him down and leaving the cave, I found that Escape did not regenerate until I baited some spiders back to the ogre and had him kill them for me. So, is the fact that certain skills only regenerate after combat something that was intended? I understand that some people see such pacifist runs as gimmicky and only as a way of "abusing" the mechanics to avoid combat altogether and cheat one's way through the game. Something in me, however, enjoys these kinds of playthroughs. But at the same time, I don't expect anything to cater to it. I will ask this though, is there any possibility that per engagement skills could regenerate after map changes? I'm alright wiith it either way, really, as I could see that causing issues with some people, as some might consider that game-breaking.
  10. I actually really like the BGM so far. Part of it is very Morrowind-esque, in my opinion. I think they should stick with the more somber approach.
  11. While I do like the idea of the current weapon specializations, as they do essentially give you more bang for your buck, there's not enough of them, or just ones that fit the kinds of characters I want to make. For example, I wanted to make a character that specialized in something simple like daggers and short bows, but there was no such combination. While I know I could pick another specialization that includes the other kinds of weapons I want to use, I feel sort of punished for wanting to go "outside the mold" of the different types, even though what I'm looking for is fairly normal.
  12. Are weapons exclusive to certain categories, or do they cross over in some situations? E.g. a category that includes both swords and blunderbusses?
  13. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, or if it's a stupid question with an obvious answer. If that's the case, feel free to delete this topic and PM me how much of an idiot I am. But can anyone confirm if we'll have the ability to attack anyone and everyone in PoE? I realize that Planescape, Icewind Dale and BG are often cited as being big sources of inspiration for the title, and all of those include force-attacking. But for some reason, I'm a little curious/worried.
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