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  1. I am not a pure Ascendent but the War Bow FrostSeeker seems to generate Focus at a crazy rate and hits hard.
  2. Hi All, I am playing a multiclass Wayfarer Ascendant Inquisitor @ lvl 12. My Stats are (off my head): Might 14 Con 6 Dex 18 Per 16 Ref 6 For Paladin I took ~ Sworn Rival ~ Shared Flames ~ Exalted Focus ~ Two Handed (War Bow, Rifle Thing) For Cipher ~ Penatracting Vision ~ Lingering Echo ~ Hammering Though ~ Draining Whip What Spells should I take if I want to debuff then spam DPS when I hit full Focus? Currently I got: ~ Eye Strike (cannot retrain this) ~ Mental Binding ~ Secret Horrors ~ Silent Scream Should I take Mind Blade or Mind Lance? And will not
  3. Playing an Inquisitor. What is a good fast yellow range weapon to use till pistols and blunderbuss are fixed? Are they also broken in two weapon fighting? Seems like sometimes the reload is fast, but most of the time after first volley is like having 2 single weapon.
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