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  1. OBSIDIAN : (This guy actually thinks the patch will fix all known bugs and add some content and a decent end to the story... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, oh man, he's killing us, that must be the joke of the year!!! Phew... that was quite a laugh). Yes, Sir, right away, as soon as LA publishes it. LA : -all too familiar scratching sound- Patch?? ooooooh yeeeeeees. Patch... Right... Um... See, we are getting ready for EP3 and we are using all resources for that purpose, but we promise you, the loyal fans, that the patch will be out "SOON". Yes yes... Phew... He's gone.............. Ok... Mmm?? Patch? What patch?? Someone is supposed to FIX that??? Yeah yeah, that was a nice one... hehe...
  2. if you find a Jedi Light Armor, be sure to occasionally check if your defence is higher if you DON'T wear that, at least if you're a male player. I do think that the Max Dex Bonus limits more things that just Dex. All my characters dropped those armor for even the simplest robes from the third or fourth planet
  3. From what I can tell, you need to be really into the dark side so Kreia can give you a PrC. Once you have a PrC, you can enter the Tomb. I can think of 2 reasons for this 1. The game is bugged. While LS characters don't need to be that close to the extreme, DS characters are counted as neutrals longer, when they shouldn't. My bro got his PrC at level 22, when the indicator was in the true red area. 2. It's easier and more rewarding to be LS (personal opinion), and climbing up on the LS comes naturally, so I always get my PrC when I'm LS by level 16. On the other hand, even wanting to gain influence with interesting party members (except HK, who's bad and interesting ) results in LS points. 3. The game is bugged and doesn't like you gaining occasional LS points, if you're DS. Could happen to LS people, but it usually doesn't, at least, no LS player mentioned that yet. But I do think that if you are bad to the bone (shame shame) and spare no one for the sake of influence and other stuff like that, you'll get your PrC normally. Glory to the Light I say :PPP Except the ending, I like this game.
  4. I was a full LS male character. The only one I managed (and cared anyway) to turn into a Jedi was the Handmaiden (LightSide Guardian - full LS). I didn't do anything in particular, she was with me all the time, and I was always goody goody to everyone.
  5. I thought it'd have been really lame to be Revan again and had a memory loss again. But it seemed from the start that I couldn't be Revan. I didn't think though that perhaps that Kreia grandma would transform at some point to some Atris like lady, either LS or DS, depending on your influence and your alignment. Yeah well, I was wrong, she's just an old hag...
  6. A dark end can be very artistic if delivered nicely. I'd be complaining about how my NPCs died and that there should be a happy ending, but at least I'd have been MOVED by the ending. But since I started complaining about how this ending doesn't fill in the gaps, if they are ever going to patch the game, I'd like to see more ending options, happy or bitter endings, up to the player to decide, or depending on how he played the game, etc etc. Some people owe us a decent patch. I don't even care about the bugs, I managed to finish the game properly without missing much even with the bugs. But for once I want an ending that I have chosen, like NWN:HoTU, BG2: ToB, or just a very nice, rich ending, like FF8. The ending , as it is, plainly sucks. Someone, please get those leftover cut scenes and make a mod
  7. Couldn't agree more. Even about the HK-47 part. Back in K1, HK-47 made interesting comments, I liked his sense of humor and looked forward to that in K2, only to find that my lightside character couldn't get along with him cause they turned him into a GOTO like idiot... I enjoyed repairing T3 on the Ebon hawk. GOTO sucked. If I was the exile, I'd be willing to get some dark points (if the game would consider it bad) to arrange for a GOTO accident so that he won't bother me again. I won't be repairing HK-47 if I play the game again. The Handmaiden and Visas were nice, Mira was nice although by the time I got her, I was already invovled with the Handmaiden's romance, so I didn't get to know her much. I hated Kreia. In the whole game I wanted to just slash her open, and when I finally killed her in the end, I didn't even enjoy it! Even with all the holes, I was anxious to see the end and solve all those stuff. And I was disappointed. I don't know what they're going to do with K3, but they better do it right this time, or I'm not buying any LA games ever again. And I don't think the dialogues were enough for me. I still think the ending sucked and the game could've been very well made. And Kreia destroyed the illusion and delivered the truth to us, too. Nothing is there to fill the gaps, despite what we hoped for. Yeah well, Kreia, b***h till the bitter end...
  8. It was very nice, until I saw the ending... When something seems strange and you are building up for the story climax, you expect some major stuff to happen before the end that will fill all holes and make your jaw drop and all the similar stuff. And true, it did keep me wanting to move further and see the story and how it will bring me to the final confrontation and such. But the ending just ruined it all... I really thought the story was better than K1 (before I saw the ending), because the game left many holes, and left you wondering what is going on, what will happen next. After you board the Star forge in K1, you know pretty much what you're doing, only thing that kept me going there was Bastila's character. But here, I made my way towards the end, wanting answers about the Sith lords, the main objective, my NPCs, the romance plots, etc etc. And instead, I get "THE ENDING".... Just horrible...
  9. My consular/jedi master was STR 10 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 14 CHA 14 Took Finesse, and dueling, ok, some battles where I was forced not to use Force Powers where difficult, but I managed to come through somehow, no DS powers, master flurry for attack along with master speed, until of course you get Force wave. By the end of the game, I had items that boosted my WIS to 34, along with the attribute advancement, I had about 38 Def with just robes, without activating force aura, and killed most of the bad guys either with Stasis field, master speed, flurry, or with just force wave. I raised Persuade, Repair and Treat Injury all the time, almost no awareness, didn't use the workbench or the lab much, and finished the game in about 31 hours of gameplay, plus an extra hour or two of reloading for various reasons. Fought unarmed most of the time, until I found some decent upgrades for my lightsaber. I think I took all of endurance feats, also.
  10. It would be best if KOTOR 3 featured another PC doing something on the Revan-Exile storyline, rather than playing those two uber- characters from the start. I'm into RPGs all my life, it's not that fun playing epic characters from the start, even if the story is compelling. I found the normal difficulty, acceptable, I just want to have a good time., not throw my head on the sceen in frustration cause of repeated losses. There were enough challenges, especially when my jedi character was absent, so that's ok by me. The story was nice up to darth nihilus at least. And no I didn't like the ending at all. I didn't like KOTOR 1 LightSide ending either but I take it back now. If I had known KOTOR 2 would have such an ending, I'd be more than glad if they just replayed KOTOR 1's ending. My complain about K1's ending was that I didn't get to intreact with characters from my party in the ending sequence and the only romance option was Bastila, nice but just one. When Kreia speaks about your friends' future, even some sequences for each character (depending on how you interacted with him in the game) would be better than just saying one sentence for each and off we go... I even defeated Kreia 3-4 times after I saw the ending because I thought I said something wrong to her or missed something in the dialog that would trigger other sequences. And then I came to the horrible realization that this WAS in fact the ending of a good story. And it does no justice to the story. I can't really understand why some people actually liked the ending. The best KOTOR ending there is up to date, is KOTOR 1's dark side ending. KOTOR 1's LS ending was well.. mediocre in my opinion, but nothing compares to K2's ending. BG2 : The throne of Baal and NWN:HoTC HAD what in my opinion is a fair, if not very good ending. The best ending I've seen so far in a game though is Final Fantasy VIII. That game was touching till the very end, the ending sequences lasted more that 40 seconds and it was very fulfilling. This game was in my "buy-no-matter-what" list, cause I thought that, if K1 was so nice, even with an ending I didn't like that much, maybe K2 would correct all that. Don't get me wrong, I really liked KOTOR2. Until the very end I really liked it, even with all the bugs and stuff. The romance options and interactions were nice. Until the end, I thought that I'd meet Darth Nihilus somewhere and explore his character (cause of the way he vanishes in the end, maybe he is more that he looks, etc etc and isn't really dead, is all powerful, etc etc). When I saw Mira's fight and the droid's adventure, I thought that all my NPCs will have similar encounters and end up with me for, or after, the final confrontation. When the credits appear out of nowhere, I thought "It can't be, I'm missing something". When I replayed the battle over and over only to have them appear again and the only sign of my NPCs were Kreia's foretelling, it really, really sucked. And I don't think I'll stop complaining about this major letdown, until a huge patch is out, an excellent mod is out, or K3 lives up to my expectations. Until then, the game had the potential to be so much more, and someone killed it mercilessly at the ending. There are ruthless Sith lords all right, but they are outside, publishing the game...
  11. From what I recall, I won all fights, marched alone on the minefield etc etc. Didn't do anything special... I was LS male consular at that time. I didn't have to lose a fight to progress
  12. I think I agree with the most part. I was disappointed with how the story unfolds, with Nihilus, with the NPC interactions (ok, there were some good moments of interaction, I can't deny that) and with the ending. I mean... I wasn't even satisfied that much with KOTOR 1 because I felt that at some point I was not given the option of saying what I really wanted to say, or do what I wanted. I was anxiously doing all the quests and stuff, trying to see where the romance options go, why's your character in this state, etc etc, and the end ruins it all. But I should've seen it coming... Darth Nihilus served his purpose. From the moment I encountered him, the developers started sucking my enjoyment of the game. By the end, they had annihilated. Good job, Nihilus
  13. I don't know, I find killing opponents easily rather fun. What interests me in RPGs is the story and developing relationships and soscializing with characters etc etc. I get bored AND rather annoyed when I have to kill hordes of enemies, and some very difficult bosses to gain what I consider small amount of experience. Having said that, my consular/jedi master didn't have much problem on Normal difficulty, except the early levels, when I had few powers and my NPCs were relatively weak. As a player, I don't buff up before each and every battle, unless I am forced to. I think Sion and Kreya were acceptable as bosses. Naturally, whenever you encounter a boss, you use your best strategy (or force power) to defeat him. If I can't run a good distance with master speed and throw force waves against a boss, I don't think that cutting him with a lightsaber would do any good either. Sion and Kreya were ok, at least for my style of play. But I admit that Nihilus was a let-down. Ok, he dealt a considerable amout of damage with his saber, as did all bosses. But yes, he was quick to kill. And his character was begging to be put to better use in a role playing game. For me, the real disappointment was the way the story unfolded and the ending. The ending was awful. It was really anticlimactic. I was waiting for some really good dialogs, choices to be made that mattered, some romance dialog, SOMETHING. But no, just an idiotic video. Back at KOTOR 1, when Malak appears in sequences, it doesn't really affect the plot when it should not. I mean, in KOTOR 2, when Kreia raises the Wookie or does some other stuff, it's obvious that she's up to no good. Malak's sequenced didn't take away an part of mystery or interfere so much with the plot as Kreia's did.... PHEW!! I'm getting tired of writing... I just need a HUGE patch for this game that will fix the plot and add some sequences and dialogs so bad....
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