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  1. Anyone know whats up with pcgamemods? site seems to be replaced.. Hope I am allowed to ask this here, sorry ahead of time if I am not.
  2. Havent checked the forums in a long long time... Figured this patch had to be out by now and would check... Wow just wow.....
  3. Check the room where you are being held, there is a computer against the wall that is easily missed
  4. Try setting your charisma lower fixed this problem for me
  5. What is your charisma? if it is very high it can cause this
  6. Ive been messing around with the savegame editor trying to start a new game with some force powers and some equipment and everytime I level or get some lightside points Atton or someone else will go darkside, even after I set them to 100 influence and Lightside... Gets very annoying, I was wondering if anyone else figured out a way around this when using cheats and the KSE, or what in particular causes it? Hope they fix that in the next patch
  7. So glad your doing this, You have my many Thanks!!!!!
  8. Many people are frustrated with OE and LA and I personally believe they do deserve a little bashing and Im sure they know it. In my opnion TSL could of been a great game and Im sure it is to some people, but to me it is unfinshed. After playing it once I was left feeling extremely disappointed and a bit ripped off. So I came to hope they would address the many issues that left me feeling that way in a patch.. That is why I came to these forums. This thread does serve a very important purpose. I have been checking The OE website for several weeks now and I feel lied to by this statement "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II PC patch coming soon!"... After seeing that up week after week I felt a need to vent just a little and this thread seemed a good a place as any. If OE doesnt want this maybe they should close the forums. How hard would it be to give us some real info on the patch and what it fixes? Maybe they have there reasons but it seriously makes me think more then twice about getting anything from LA or OE in the future.. I can only hope the reason it is taking so long is that LA is adding content, If not I know I will not bother even looking at anything they release in the future, and that really hurts but I feel it is the only way to improve the quality of all future games. Just one persons opinion.
  9. Im guessing tommorow just because it would make my post reduant. Did the layoffs at LA effect the patch release date, or did they decide to finish the game? Im getting tired of seeing patch coming soon on the Obsidian main page and would really appericate some actual information on what is up with it. I heard Obsidian handed it over to LA, so how about telling us what it fixed so we have something to look forward to... "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II PC patch coming soon!"... I feel so lied to, no offense
  10. I hope the forums stay up until after the patch has been out for awhile.
  11. Ill wait for a patch to come out before I move on.. However If they dont address the many plot holes in the patch I will not be buying or supporting LA or OB anytime in the future. I can deal with a buggy game just not a unfinished one.
  12. Nice Post, I hope all the complaints to LA and OB really make a difference... People returning a game though is a sure way to get there attention though , if enough people do it at least.
  13. I wont bother with Kotor III unless they finish kotor II
  14. Im my opinion Kotor II needs to be finished not polished.. I am just amazed that they released it in the condition it was in. I can only hope LA and OB do a lot of polishing and finishing in a patch, if not I will not buy from them in the future, and that hurts.. Why they didnt take time I have no idea... Seems really wrong they didnt though because to me the game is clearly unfinished. But what is really worse is the total lack of feedback about when a patch is coming, and what they are addressing in the patch unless I missed that info somewhere...
  15. Nice post Tarelius I totally agree... Only thing worse than a unfinsed game is the total lack of feedback from the devs about the many issuses and what they actually plan on fixing. If there is something out there Im sorry, but Im still looking for info on a patch, when it comes out, and what they plan on fixing with it
  16. Has Obsidian Posted any sort of response on there own forums? That is the closest thing Ive heard as a answer to peoples complaints about the game. Cleary there are Obsisidian people posting about the state of the game... Ive searched and it just seems hard to find anything about a patch when it comes out and what they plan on addressing in it. Feels to me they could care less about the compliants. Im wondering why they even have these forums here.
  17. Thanks you LA and Obsidian for ruining what could of been a great game in my opinion. I for one will not be supporting any of your products or purchasing them anytime in future if there isnt a patch to address the many bugs, quest and plot issueses including the ending... The apparent greed of your two companies has led you down the path to the darkside I only hope you see the light realize that you have a chance to set things, right least to me, by FIXING THE GAME....... please I would like nothing more that to play TSL and feel it was a complete finished game. If not no worries I know two game companies that will not be recieving any of my business in the future.
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