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  1. Your char needs to be in scouting mode, and dependable on your Mechanics level you will discover secrets, or not. ;-) So placing points in Mechanics will enhance this. Putting points in stealth will not enhance this btw.
  2. Too bad this isn't retro-active.... :-/ I think I will just continue with the old companions..
  3. Hi, I'm playing with a Paladin with almost exactly the same stats as yours. The only exception is that my Paladin has in both Per + Res 17 points. I'm using him as a second tank next to Edér. I took also therefore the +Endurance aura. I'm at the moment lvl 5 and just reached Act2. So far I hadn't any trouble with any fight. But yes, the damage output isn't great, but that doesn't really hurt me since I really want him to soak damage. He performs quite well for this role. I've put already 5 points into Athletics. As far as I can tell from my experience now, the great deflection makes up for the loss on Constitution.
  4. Like PrimaJunta pointed out, the key is to make your party stand at a choke point. Ogres are pretty large, and it's pretty straight-forward when you only have to tank one while the others are stuck behind the first ogre. Also while your tank is tanking the first ogre it's also nice to have your ranged classes shooting at an ogre druid while he's trying to reach you but cant because of the choke point.
  5. It's without doubt Mechanics. I was in an area where there would be a scoutable item but I didn't found it. I tried different scrolls to buff the abilities, but neither improving stealth or lore did work. After I buffed Mechanics with a scroll the hidden spot directly popped up. Too bad those scroll with those (imo) really usefull buffs aren't craftable. So I have one spot where I just see the hidden room, but I can't access it because my party can't seem to find the hidden switch. (
  6. Thanks, will do that one. And what about the other dispositions I acquired? They are of no harm to my char?
  7. I completed it as a level 4 Paladin with a full party and had no troubles at all.
  8. As a lvl 4 Paladin of the Shieldbearers of St Elcga my favorite dispositions are Honest & Diplomatic. Disfavored are Cruel & Aggressive. I currently have a rank 1 in Honest, Diplomatic, Benevolent and Passionate. I recently also killed Raedric which gained me one point in Passionate. Is there anyway you can change or are there different ways you can take/handle a fight with an other result? How can I see which will be the outcome?
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