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  1. Hello, I am getting a bug when trying to zone into Raedric's keep kitchen. I zone over and getting a loading screen as if the zone was loading then music starts to play but the screen is all black and I get the red circle with the bar through it whenever I mouse around. It will do this and my game will crash eventually after I move the mouse around. I can zone into other areas of the keep such as Raedric's Hall Sanctuary, Upper Ramparts and Siege Platform. This bug only happens to me when I try to zone into the keep kitchens or when I try and zone into the Keep Hall. The crash is always the same. I get a loading screen The screen loads pitch black with the red cirle with the bar through it Soon as I move my mouse the game crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm trying to find what increases your chance of finding hidden treasures. Would it be perception or mechanics?
  3. You can hire adventurer's and make your own dudes at the starting inn. It just costs a little starting cash is all.
  4. Yeah, I'm also hoping that we can download everything early and start playing soon as the 26th hits. I'd be a little disappointed if we're not able to pre-load the game. Hell, I believe kickstarter people should have had a few days head start anyway, but that's just me cause I'm a kickstarter
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