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I'm not buying this.

Here's an old update from PoE1's development that might give you some context.
Would it really be "too difficult" for modders? Nah, off course not. The process as described back during PoE1's development would be really time consuming, but there would be people who'd spend the time required to create new stuff.

The real issue is whether or not Obsidian has the resources to take their internal tool chain and publish a toolset that's usable. There's also the question about whether or not they'd be even allowed to do that. It's perfectly possible the environment creation process depends on some middleware that Obsidian can't just dump on the Internet.
It would be awesome if Obsidian could release a toolset that allows things like environment editing/creation. But it's one of things that people often think is way more simpler then it actually is.

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