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  1. This sort of thing is a publisher decision. Obsidian would have had no real say in this.
  2. Yeah, about that "shipping soon". Over here in the Netherlands DHL just dropped my physical order off. In my backer portal it still says "shipping soon" and I never got any tracking info. *shrug* The painted miniatures are kind of bad (which was to be expected), but best girl Pallegina looks all right and frankly she's the only one of the three minis I care about. Can anyone confirm if the card with the Backer Portal Key is effectively a second copy of the base game, if you have already activated the game previously via the Backer Portal?
  3. They haven't been shipped yet. See below for the latest info https://support.obsidian.net/article/23-whats-the-latest-news-on-physical-backer-rewards
  4. Activate the game on GoG, get yourself some cheap external memory and throw the game's install executable on there. That's probably a way better idea then lugging discs around. Discs can get damaged or lost while you're on the road. We all wish we were still living in homegaming's golden era, but those days are gone. The game has to be profitable and the cost of stuff like printing hardcopies of manuals, shipping copies to brick&mortar stores and even the cost of developing the game itself has gone up compared to the good old days. As for the state of the release build. Every dev
  5. I installed this in an ongoing game and it doesn't appear to do anything. I still got taxes per turn.
  6. Would it be possible for non-wizards to equip grimoires and cast the spells it contains? Making the grimoires equipable by everyone is done easily enough by removing the class restriction in items.gamedatabundle. But what would be required to make the spells casteable?
  7. A while ago I made a little mod that changes the Firebug proc chance back to 10% using AssetBundleExtractor. I thought it worked fine: It shows the proc chance to be 10% when you first unlock it. However, it turns out that when you save & reload the game, the proc chance will revert back to 3%. I have no clue why. I can't find any file that could be messing with the weapon's stats. Does anyone here have an idea on how to solve this?
  8. Here's an old update from PoE1's development that might give you some context. Would it really be "too difficult" for modders? Nah, off course not. The process as described back during PoE1's development would be really time consuming, but there would be people who'd spend the time required to create new stuff. The real issue is whether or not Obsidian has the resources to take their internal tool chain and publish a toolset that's usable. There's also the question about whether or not they'd be even allowed to do that. It's perfectly possible the environment creation process depends on s
  9. That would be a good option to have. I have more money available, but no rewards I'm interested in.
  10. It's honestly a bit disappointing how low a priority this obviously is to Obsidian. The poor communication about it doesn't help, but you'd think this would be something they could have set up and have ready to go back when the campaign launched. Then again, it's also baffling to me that sites like Kickstarter and Fig don't offer alternatives to credit card already.
  11. Not going to post the quote because I'm phone posting, but go to the Fig campaign's comment section and do a search for AndreaColombo. You'll find Feargus' replying to one of their posts.
  12. Not to self-advertise, but here's the unnerfed patch 3.5 version. I don't know of good way to apply this to a save where you've already fully unlocked the unlabored blade. You'll have to use console commands in that case.
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