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  1. Any option to download the beta without the Galaxy client? Though I have Linux, I am willing to test it with Wine.
  2. Back then for PoE1 they said that they would have considered it for this game. I'm just checking if they are going back on their word. And ignoring modding is foolish, As AwesomeOcelot mentioned, there will be no significant support for modding. They already made that clear in one of the Q&A sessions.
  3. That's actually 1.04, but GOG's internal numbering is off for Linux (although they use the same as Obsidian for Windows). Just GOG being GOG. If you already have 1.03 and don't like to dl the entire tarball again, you can also use the unofficial patch (see the gog forums), which is much smaller. I still have the In that case I will probably wait for 1.05 and download the whole tarball again.
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