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Companions and missing out on XP while drinking in the boat

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7 hours ago, David Carter said:

At that point they are useless to bring along on anything playing PoTD. 

Donno I took 11 lvl caracters with me on DLC missions while being lvl 20 and it was ok. Got thrown out of Crusible though but Beast of Winter was managable. Though it probably depend on character type. Weapon using character can rubberband themselves a bit easier then casters

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9 levels of discrepancy is an awful lot - but 3 isn't that bad even on PotD (if it's not the whole party that's 3 levels behind but only one or two members). Certainly not "useless". I really despise that term since it's almost always extreme hyperbole and never used properly here. If anything a low level character can at least be used as bait and distraction, right? ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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