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Error in description of a Berath's Blessing

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First of all, I like the Berath's blessing system. I tend to do a lot of playthroughs (PoE, Tyranny and other games) - sometimes just to mess with a character concept rather then playing the full game - and this helps you get a certain idea that is your mind achieveable.


As to the erroneous description:


If one chooses to use the skill enhancement of Berath's Blessing it states you get "Double the skill points" on the selection screen.


However, this is not true as you get a flat +2.

This is noticeable if you multiclass and have one skill that gets 1 point (as it was halved), but end up in the end with 3 skill points. 

This is correctly noted on your character sheet (which says +2 Berath's Blessing).

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Greetings GMV,


Thanks for the post! Ill be sure it gets bugged to be correct for a future patch.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Even more importantly, EVERY CHARACTER IN THE PARTY receives the bonus. This makes it a VERY strong bonus for 3 points.

On beta patch b73 at least.

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