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  1. I also noticed Pallegina, when said to use FoD does not stop using it unless commanded to do another ability. [edit] And after testing also noticed indeed she get 0 recovery time, seems an issue in FoD. Will add it to the list above. Thanks for verifying this.
  2. This is a continuation of my previous list (after the 3 DLCs) that I by accident posted one forum down. * Forever in a Slug Zone. After a battle in the Bog on the unnamed island with the Ruins of Amira's Roost, I found out that Fassina is forever in a slugzone. See attached image for the remaining debuff, even in the "overworld". Resting does not aid. [solution] Entering a new Slog Zone did aid (I used a bath in the luminous bath house for this (first time entering, so you only dip in it shortly)). So it is not a permanent thing, but was rather odd for the few fights I had to go throu
  3. Ah, my apologies. My previous reports were on beta patches. I went a little automatic pilot apparently.
  4. As per my previous topics, I have noted down a few things (including bugs and simply seeming irregularities) that I will note of my current playthrough. I will expand this list as I get further in the playthrough - unfortunately this will go slower than the first time, due to time constraints. * Enoi [irregularity] Clever answer to Enoi saying the Gods did not send me does not yield a bonus reputation point with Pallegina, despite her dislike of worship. * Whispers of the Endless Paths [No Bug, Highly likely intentional - just feels odd to me] Super low base damage (9-15 instead of for
  5. No problem at all, I send and got a notification it was received. If I may refer to my first post, is there a console command to spawn her? I cannot find this command although I know she is now recognized as companion_Fessina (instead of Fassina), but then she needs to be in the party. Thanks in advance. Because I would really like to finish this life as it was my first in Pillars of Eternity I to finish the game
  6. I found the save indeed, but it is too big too upload. Would you prefer any specific header for the email, so you know what it is about?
  7. Hello dear Forum, It has been a long time since I delved into this wonderful RPG. And as the last big expansion is coming in 13th of december I was getting myself ready to familiarize myself with the game again. After all, I did not buy the season pass without a reason. However, perhaps this is a known issue but I currently cannot find it on the forums. I loaded an old save from before The Beast of Winter, and SSS. I was busy back then with the Velvet Glove, Brass Fist quest with my Valian Darcozzi Paladini and I wanted to get Fassina on board. My save was before I spoke to Berten
  8. I found something interesting, on something I reported earlier, but also might mark a new bug. I created a new character, a holy slayer and chose the skill bonuses. I got a +2 on insight checks, but nothing on sleight of hand... is there a mismatch here? After all, insight is neither in Paladin or Rogue.
  9. It has been a moment but I found another: Dunnage I (Two-Eyed-Pim): If you talk to him for the first time and show Benweth's soulenet you can ask for the 4th chair on the consuaglo. However, if you do not choose this option before asking what the consuaglo even is (and you technically don't know very well) the option goes away entirely. This should be still available I reckon even if you ask other questions first as you still have killed Benweth and hold his soulenet. Fort Deadlight: and when you go Aeldys after your visit to Dunnage you can show a suolenet to claim you are the 4th c
  10. I hope you mean fixed and not extra bugged Sorry, could not help myself. Now for the real post as I found one more (little) issue, that I am not sure is a bug or attended. It requires a bit of explanation so bare with me. In my first playthrough, I got both the slavers and the undead as an Island (I did not kill Mezzango (IIRC his name correctly) and we striked a bargain). In the last confrontation, I chose the side of the Valian trading company (and later asked inspiriation from Eothas which lined up to a beautiful ending (except for the stuff I did for Maia.. and the slavers bu
  11. Grr... double post as my connection dropped (At least I think that is what caused it). Sorry for that.
  12. And my last for some time: Serafen has no audio for his dialogue to Eothas (at least not for me) at the very end when you confront him in Ukaizo.
  13. I may have been posting in the wrong forum. I apologize if I did so. For completion's sake, I posted other bugs (and other things) here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101530-bugs-list-of-things-patch-102/ and https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100612-bugs-list-of-things-patch-089/ The latter one was seen on the first post, but I continued with additional edits and posts, therefore added here. Perception: Sometimes when entering a new area my high Perception character is notified he spots something. If I click on it, he apparently spots something on the other side of the map in the fo
  14. More or less a continuation from my former topic: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100612-bugs-list-of-things-patch-089/ I hope the old issues I have noted did get noticed by the developing team for I had no reaction to them after the first post. Description Echoing Shield from the Cipher 1 (not a true bug): Foe AoE: Immunity to Concentration attacks Wait what? The enemy is giving immunity? In the description of the power it also says that it removes concentration. This seems... contradicting one another the way it is written down. Ori O Koiki Sanctum Brazier: The Sleight o
  15. And here is the next set of the list as I keep playing on. Do understand deer Obsidian, I do not dislike your game I only say these things so that it may glow brighter. Woedica bids that loyal ser... I mean, fans help their idols in as many ways as possible after all ... and Magran does so love the fire. Crookspur I: There is an athletics check that has a partial succes swimming into the cave. This, however, has no consequence. Why is this then a partial succes? Perhaps it is not calculating the total group aid when giving that message? (see Sandswept Ruins Island II for additional inf
  16. A new list of things I found, because I pay way too much attention to details Cyclopedia I: In the cyclopedia under Perception afflictions there misses a header for the blinded affliction. If you click on blinded (via the general Perception affliction tab) you end on an empty page. Abydon's description in the court of Berath (not a true bug): The narrator (Ashley) says "rounded metal... right eye socket" . However, in the image it is for Abydon his LEFT eye socket, we see it on the right, but it is his left one. Talking to Ondra in Berath's court: During the conversation when
  17. Hello Aarik, I will post a few more as I find them (like the soul walking of the path). Do you (and the rest of Obsidian) want me to add a new post in that case or extend the top one? By the way, added is a picture of the odd morningstar I found (Old City II bug).
  18. A new bug found when starting a new life. After the image where you Steward says "A dubious honor, inheriting a fortress both broken and cursed" , a soul now walks off the "Soul Path" To be clear, this bug is persistent. I started the game five times anew. This soul always walks off the path.
  19. ah, yes. That would have been a better title for those type of "issues". Not sure if there is a forum for that by the way. All the curses seem to be unitll sleep so that may not be a bug, but it is the only one that stacks with itself.
  20. Dear Obsidian, First of all, thank you for the game. And thank you for listening to the community. Both adragojlovic & Cdiaz have expressed they would look into two little bugs I found, so let me try and be helpful again with a small list here. St. Droga's Skull: Can only be used in off-hand despite being listed as a sabre. Berath's Blessing skills: Sleight of Hand does not get the +2 bonus to its skill for some reason (at least not on multi-class rogues). Pet buff Beakhead: The +1 to sleight of hand buff of beakhead pet remains even if you unequip him or sell him off.
  21. As I am not allowed to make another topic, I would also like to report that the pet wide buff of beakhead for me never goes away.
  22. I am using the beta patch .73 from steam, but unfortunately this still does not fix the bug where the 2h blade of the Endless Path does not show up if you make a custom background. My custom background has killed the Master of the Endless Path, did not get scale-breaker, did reforge the sword. Could we perhaps get the console command to create the item in our inventory? It would be... disheartening to have to wait for a new patch and then start again.
  23. wrong forum, sorry. Wil move post to proper subforum: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98674-beta-patch-73-blade-of-the-endless-path-still-not-spawning/
  24. If you click on Xot's character sheet on the explanation of her priest specialisation Harvester of Gaun. It states: Priests of Berath automaticaly.... Now, I find Gaun a really weird aspect of Eothas as it has (rather large) overlap with Berath, but it is stated in the game as an aspect of Eothas. It seems this descripition is therefore theological speaking wrong.
  25. First of all, I like the Berath's blessing system. I tend to do a lot of playthroughs (PoE, Tyranny and other games) - sometimes just to mess with a character concept rather then playing the full game - and this helps you get a certain idea that is your mind achieveable. As to the erroneous description: If one chooses to use the skill enhancement of Berath's Blessing it states you get "Double the skill points" on the selection screen. However, this is not true as you get a flat +2. This is noticeable if you multiclass and have one skill that gets 1 point (as it was halved), but en
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