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  1. I agree. Some ctrl/alt/shift + click combination to move everything without showing the window would really help. Also, you can currently use ctrl (I think, or maybe shift?) + click to "mark" or "select" the item (in a similar fashion as in Windows Fiel Explorer, for instance), but I was not able to find out what is this useful for, you cannot move multiple items together or anything...
  2. Did you check the difficulty options? You can turn this on/off (it is also off on Expert mode, without the ability to turn it on unless you disable Expert mode).
  3. Retraining and hiring adventurers is full of bugs, even on b73 patch. My hired adventrurers always start at level 2 (with autolevel option off), but only with level 1 abilities, so they basically lose 1 level. Even level 1 adventruer begins on level 2 with 0/3000 XP,
  4. OH! I get it now, I just had a second mutiny (not the most popular captain, am I?). You receive the achievement ONLY after selecting the option to directly fight the crew. Not if you try to talk to them and fail. You get the achievement right after selecting the option, not after you actually win the battle... I still think this should be changed so you get the achievement in both cases.
  5. Even more importantly, EVERY CHARACTER IN THE PARTY receives the bonus. This makes it a VERY strong bonus for 3 points. On beta patch b73 at least.
  6. I have survived an attack from mutinous crew (killed them all in battle), yet I did not receive the achievement. Tried again with an autosave, did not help. This is on beta patch build 73.
  7. I have just had Xoti vs Pallegina (anti)religion conflict RIGHT AFTER Pallegina joined me for the first time (in Valian Trading Company HQ). That did not make any sense. This is already reported here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98109-xoti-freaks-out-at-pallegina-immediately/ Minutes before, Maia Rua became my hookup just a few hours of game time (minutes of real time) after joining me - I have just moved from Serpent's Crown to Queen's Berth. Granted, I gained +1 with her thanks to the Sealed Fate quest (dutiful points from Talfor encounter and Avetta conversation), but that is still really fast even for 21st century standards. =) Even before, I abused the "Pardon my impertinence, 'my lady" Kahn infinite lighthearted points bug which increased relationships with all present lighthearted companions to 2 and had multiple companion conversations (including two "romance proposals") triggered in a row. Basically it seems that for many companion conversations, the relationship status increasing/decreasing is the only trigger required for them to occur. This produces very weird and unnatural results sometimes.
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