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least played dnd classes


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I had this campaign a while back in Green Ronin's Freeport where Blind Jew of the group (yes, he is legally blind and a Jew and that is his nickname) played a male elven bard named Diane. One of the most interesting characters I have ever had played in any of my games.

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in our experience, bard and druid is too close to call. rl musicians sometimes feel compelled to play bards in game, and if we got some of those granola eating, birkenstock wearing, elf-lovin', earth mother types, they plays druids... but most normal folks avoid both classes.


Gromnir rarely sees a druid played well... which is a shame 'cause some of our most favorite quests/adventures has been designed with druids in mind.


HA! Good Fun!

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Sad thing is the Bard and Druid are my two most chosen classes (fighter types almost never). Last group I was in was surprised I took the Druid. Why? I don

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